14 July, 2014

Studio Monday: Sequins Aplenty

Welcome to another sequin themed Studio Monday! You may remember this one, in June. At the time, I thought I was being a total smart person by combining my red/orange/yellow sequins because it saved space. I also figured, a little while afterwards, that putting the sequins I got at the Expo in with the sequins from my Scraptastic kit and group buys was a GOOD idea. Well... no. It lead to this...
I couldn't take the disorder, really. I mean, I'm a VERY organised person. I couldn't handle things all mixed. So that meant that I spent Thursday night and on into the morning (no sleep), Friday night, Saturday night, AND Sunday night separating out my sequins by colour and type. At the top there's metallic, then there's opaque, iridescent opaque, and translucent. I got these boxes at WalMart for $6 each which I figured was a pretty good price. Each cube is curved, so you can easily slide something like a sequin up the sides, and the lid is fitted into each cube so if it tips you don't get mixing. (I'm assuming, I don't want to test it)
 This was when I was nearing the end. You can see how the piles separated out from one big pile of purple/pink into four distinct ones, as well as a few stragglers of the iridescent and translucent types.

A friend of mine linked me to Cartwright's sequin and bead store. I mean, how cruel, right? Spreading the insanity. I knew I needed white, and leaves, so I ordered this package before I got the boxes and started separating. Now that I know what all I have, I can place another order to fill in the holes. Anyway, I ordered a lot of translucent maple leaves, holographic, and metallic. Lots of them. So that I could colour them with my alcohol inks. It came out cheaper than buying individual colours. I also got some tiny, tiny "moonshine" sequins that I'm going to use on an upcoming space canvas.

Here's everything I have, all finished up and separated. I LOVE the rainbow box, but the other two are great too. Everything really easy to find, everything easy to get to, and they don't look half bad on a shelf either. I'm excited to get to using these, especially the ones I have planned for a canvas, but I'm starting to think that these might be one thing that I will NEVER use up in all my crafting time. Well, I'm eager to try, anyway. When you have this many, you never have to worry about using them on projects and not having enough for later!

I hope you enjoy this look at my stuff, and the intense oganisational pr0n. Maybe it'll inspire you to add a few sequins to your stash, hmm? Just, maybe not this many! I'll see you next Studio Monday!


  1. I like the rainbow box too!! And I couldn't handle the mixing that was going on either :)

    1. See, you should have told me I was being daft! I thought I could do it. But you're right, it's just insanity!

  2. Love them organized this way. I've been considering sorting mine out. Now it's official, I'll definitely have to do this especially after checking out Cartwrights. thanks.

    1. Oh yeah, you definitely do. Carwright's is awesome and these boxes are so wonderful. WalMart is not usually a stop that I make, but I have six of these boxes now and they just work so great. Go you! Organise!


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