04 August, 2014

Studio Monday: The SUPERSIZED Warehouse Edition!!

Hello all! On Saturday something big happened: I joined a few friends, drove two hours, and hit up the Prima Marketing warehouse store. Woo!
That's a picture that Prima posted on their FB, sharing what was going on at the warehouse. Turns out, we're in it! That's my Mr. Mike in the grey, my friend Jeanne in the pink next to him, you can just see me in the blue next to her, and next to me with the black hair is my friend Carmen. And on the floor you can see little Sirius in his coat! (Skeptical!Lady in the pink dress is skeptical about pictures) The gal in the stripes is counting Carmen's purchases to speed up the checking out process. She spent BANK! I was next biggest purchase, but Carmen blew me out of the water, lol! I want to play at HER house!
Okay, so here's the first batch. Everything's a dollar, remember. You walk in and it's just rows of boxes, about knee height, in a hot and sweaty warehouse with only two industrial fans to move air around. It's 9am, I haven't had coffee, and I may or may not have been suffering a huge headache. Anyway, I'm getting all these ideas on canvases I can make, trying to think back to the canvases I *have* made, what I needed for those, what I've searched the internet for but could not find, and what I already have that might need companions. I also tried to get a lot of white things since I can Copic or spray them whatever colour I need. I filled a basket willy nilly, just shoved in what I wanted, got a big bag and checked that with the cashier to fill up *another* hand basket. Then, since they had crop space with tables, I sat down for a lengthy session of weeding out my purchases while the other gals explored. I was really good and put more than half of the stuff back. Telling yourself "it's only a $1" only works so long as you're not chucking in twenty items "just because". I wanted to make sure these things would be used properly and were items I really just couldn't get anywhere else at any other time. In the front there I was delighted to find stencil packs. Five stencils screwed together. I'm always so reluctant to spend on stencils, now here's my excuse to actually get some! I was also happy because Peep Susan found some of the butterflies I'd been looking for so I got a bunch of those because I just can't find them on the internet anymore and I love them. This whole thing was $70. Not shown, I also got 5 pieces of paper for $1.
 This is the second batch. We all five of us make our purchases, and it's about 12 by now. We're tired, hungry, dehydrated, and still way hot. So we decide to go out to lunch to talk and hang out more. About 1:30 we leave and though Susan decided to go back to the warehouse, not realising originally what a HUGE discount $1 for this stuff is, I decided to pass. Then I start looking at Facebook while Mike is in WalMart. They opened new boxes! They posted pictures of things they hadn't had out!! I knew I'd regret it if we didn't go back, just to make a pass through. Sure enough, all those Sprites at the top? Totally new box just sat right in the middle of an aisle that hadn't been there before. In fact, everything but the white flowers,orange butterflies, the bright blue teal ones, metal tin, and the ivory with the writing was all new that they'd taken out. The flowers are SO pretty in real life and like the Sprites? I never had a chance at those back in 2009 when they were new! This purchase was $32. Total of $100 for both purchases. I asked the people there how much it would be retail and they said *easily* $500 if I had bought in a store.

Sunday I woke up going "well, now what?!" because while all of this stuff is totally awesome, and I don't even regret it one bit, I had only vaguely planned on how I'd store these things. I've shared my flower collection with you before, it's not like I'm lacking in flowers and I knew I didn't need anything, but this wasn't something I'll be able to go to again for a very long time. So, here we go.
I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. I hope you'll stick around, check out my projects to come, because I am SO excited to use some of my new purchases combined with my old collection. I definitely don't have to go hunting on the internet again for flowers for a LONG time!


  1. Wow, you picked up lots of great finds! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with great friends with lunch and shopping included. Wonderful. I will look forward to seeing your creations.


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