30 August, 2014

The Beach

Long time, right? Yeah, sorry, I've been sick and that sucks. But I have this layout that I made on the 11th that I haven't gotten to share with you yet. I'm not really much of a beach goer, even though we live in CA (technically in the mountains though), but we went out to the coast on my birthday weekend and I snapped a few photos of Sirius enjoying the waves. I had to get a picture of his little sandy paws as his Daddy carried him over to the shower station to wash him off. So cute! I used a combination of papers, but the background is from SS Good Day Sunshine.

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  1. I hear you, when I lived in CA, and much nearer the shore that you, I hardly ever went to the beach. I liked sunsets at the beach and that was about it. Beautiful page though really capturing your day with Sirius, wonderful memory keeping.


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