10 September, 2014

Watercolour Wednesday: Birthday Flowers

Hello, everyone. For today's Watercolour Wednesday I have flowers! A good friend of ours has his birthday the same day as Mike's (Sept 7th) and I was actually able to see him this year since we all went out to lunch together. I had to pop home while they took care of putting his things into a moving truck so I decided to draw him a little picture for his birthday. I thought I'd make flowers from Taiwan, since that's where he's from, but they all looked complicated. Instead I went with red and gold, since they're "lucky" colours. I drew the flowers, then I mushed some regular watercolour around randomly, and then I went with Twinkling H20s for the detail. It got a bit messy because I was shaking from my medicine, but I think it worked out okay. Anyway, he seemed to like it as his present, so that works.


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