05 October, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 33

Ah, week 33, the week that it all got crazy. I don't know why the pictures are all crappy, but  that picture on the bottom is the first picture I got with my guild in Elder Scrolls Online. I was having a bad day, the guild I'd been with was crappy, and all of a sudden I see an advert for a new vampire friendly guild. I talked to the Guild Master, he seemed cool, so I played with them for their events. Great time. And in no time, literally, he promoted me to member and then all the way to guild leader, just below him. It was pretty awesome, especially with how sad the week started out, losing Robin Williams and all. But yeah, this was the start of my obsession, getting completely lost in ESO way more than I had been before. It's been good for me, but bad for my crafting I guess, lol!

I hope to see you next week for PL Sunday, and I *do* have a few projects to post this week too.

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