20 November, 2014

Love You, Sugar

I actually have a new card! Messed around with a new way of colouring hair and did all of this in pencils. The sad truth is that, due to my Cystic Fibrosis progressing faster than... well, anyone would like, I'm unable to use my Copics. My lungs are just too sensitive. At this point, I can't even handle the perfume in my face wash or shampoo. Seriously, I can *smell myself* 20 hours after I've showered! It's insanity. And nothing blocks it out, either. Masks, breathers, doing copious amounts of breathing medicine treatments... yeah.

All of this blather means that I'm going to be colouring more in pencils, or other non-smell things. No alcohol, no nothing. What I used for this was my Polychromos and my Distress Inks sponged on to the background. I was even able to wear a mask and melt some embossing enamel. Sequins are in, so I used them, and I used the new lacy flowers that I got recently at the Prima warehouse sale I shared with you a month or so ago.

Anyway, I hope you like this card and I'm sorry there won't be much, or any, Copic work in the future unless something changes dramatically. I'm doing what I can in the way of creation and I'll share with you the pretty stuff as soon as I can!


  1. Aeryn, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. I never even considered that having CF would make using some supplies difficult. It makes total sense though. That being said, this card is freaking amazing! I wish I could make colored pencils look this good!!

    1. Yeah, I've always had to be careful around chemicals and really anything with any kind of perfume or "fake" smell. I can smell the fake and not what it was supposed to smell like, you know? Just the alcohol and the chemicals they use to make *up* the smell. But Copics I never had a problem with cos they were so low odor. Ranger Alcohol Inks, sure, kill me, but never Copics. Now... yeah, it's all downhill. Anyway, depressing train. I'm glad you like the card, I enjoy pencils, and I have nice quality ones so it's not a HUGE sacrifice to use them, hehe. ;)


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