01 December, 2014

Studio Monday: Holiday Card Creation

Oh gosh, two Studio Mondays back to back and nothing else! Yeesh! Well, I'm *hoping* that that is going to change very soon and I'll explain why.
Calculating just how much I spent the last few days for Black Friday (super stamp blowouts!!!) and seeing how many stamps I have already that are just totally awesome (super stamp collection!!!!), I realised that I truly should start making something. Not just something, but a LOT of somethings. Since it's the holidays why not start with holiday cards? I mean, I'm a sucker for holiday stamps and there's only one month I can tolerate using them! I'm really not a "yay, Xmas!!" kind of person, I'm more of a "bah humbug!" sort of person. But the stamps; I have a weakness to the stamps that is unparalleled. I think Halloween and Christmas stamps really rival each other on which I have more of. Unfortunately, buying such themed stamps, and having so little time I can bear to use them in, I have many that haven't been coloured yet. And I never stop buying them! Every year I buy more!

Something has to be done, so here we go, this is me stamping out some brand new images, some older images, and truly enjoying the new organisation set up of my stamps. I took all the sets apart, put all the images together and all the phrases together. Now I'm able to easily find exactly what I might want to use since ALL the winter and holiday stamps are together in that little black box you see on the left hand side of the photo, along side any paper and embellishments that I have for winter/holidays. One stop box! Since there's two boxes for Halloween and only one box for Christmas, and the Halloween boxes don't actually have *paper* in them I'm going to say Halloween "wins", but neither holiday wins in my having used everything I've bought, sadly.

While trying to focus on making cards, colouring, and actually using my things, I'm also going to focus on making cards that *leave* the house. I'm realising just how many cards and such that I have and truly, they need to leave the house! All of the images you see stamped out in the centre of my desk will be fussy cut, coloured, and placed on cards. Those cards *will* go to someone. Seriously. Once I have the photograph for my own "records" I truly don't need to keep the card!!!

Anyway, wish me luck, and I hope you're all having a great holiday season so far and that you're MUCH further along in your card making this season, if that's something you do.


  1. Totally hear about cards LEAVING the house! Good Luck - need to get started on mine!

  2. Good luck, Aeryn! Sure they will be great & you will enjoy doing them!


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