24 November, 2014

Studio Monday: Paper Parade

Many things have happened in my "studio" over the past month. You've seen the photo where I turned my Expedit on its side and Mike worked to move the cubicle doors in the second-from-the-top cubes so they're right at eye level when I'm sitting down. Perfect for my paper, no?
Then came having to fill the paper cubes properly. There was a first cube, the one on the right. It was fine. It was happy. It was a nice little cube. And then I realised that I had cardstock in an Iris case, and I had Halloween paper in *another* Iris case, and I had Christmas paper in YET ANOTHER Iris case. Well, in the interest of making things smaller here, I knew that *would not stand*. The only problem was that Cropper Hopper stopped making the Page Planners that I currently use for my paper and even if they hadn't I don't actually *approve* of owning this much paper and therefore did not want to spend much money at all on a new paper solution. But without a holder or corral of some sort the loose paper would get squished in a cube with paper that was safely ensconced in a Page Planner. After discussion on my message board, a kind person sent me her baggies that she'd formerly been using to house her paper.
She said the only issue she had was that the baggies were 13x15 and the excess plastic was annoying. Of course, that didn't seem like an issue to me because TAPE. All I had to do was put the paper in, zip it up, flip it over, fold over the excess plastic, and tape it up. Problem solved and now the baggie is 13x12.5. Woot. I have too much Halloween paper, but there you go. I love Halloween. As you can see, my Halloween paper got a nice, new home in cube two (the left), next to the extra paper that I bought "in case of emergencies or lack of income". Yes, that's what it's there for. Most of them are re-buys. Things I've used and still liked and at $7 for three collection packs, who the hell is going to turn that up?! The Christmas paper, since it is much smaller, is in the little swirly box above cube two along with all the other Christmas papers and embellishments I own.

Now, how long do you think it'll take me to use up a ton of paper so it all fits into cube one again?

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