30 December, 2014

Project Life 2014: The Final Push

No, it's not actually Sunday, but this is what I've been doing Monday night/Tuesday morning. I was, thankfully, able to find the "idiot proof" software my Selphy came with and it made printing out all these photos a lot easier. Mostly just drag and drop stuff, especially with the Instagram photos which stay nice and square with this method. When last I ended my PL scrapbooking I finished Week 45, so that's now 7 layouts until the very end of 2014 and I'll have stuck it out for a whole year. I'm actually really impressed with myself. Sure, there were times that all I had were video game photos, but I think that goes to show what life was like. For me, and for Mike. Sometimes that's just all the photos we have, that's just all we do, you know?

While I'll not be continuing my Gossamer Blue subscription in January, I have to say I'm rather thankful for it. Getting the kit and not wanting it to pile up kept me motivated. Knowing that I had supplies right there to throw together pages helped. As much as I enjoyed this kit and know it helped me, I do not think it was "worth it" to me as when there were embellishments or stamps or cards that did not fit my style it just drove up the price of the kit, you know? I think it helped me learn what I will and won't use and hopefully, maybe, for 2015 I can make my own kits and be just fine.  We'll see how well that thinking works out, but for now, this is the final push for completing 2014!

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