25 October, 2014

Gimme Candy!

I made this entire card today! I'm actually pretty surprised and happy, since it's been a while that I've properly crafty and just finished something! It's also been a while since I coloured something entirely in Copics. No coloured pencils to assist, just Copics and blending. I'm very pleased with how her skin came out in this neat grey. I layered the crap out of this card, which has been made much easier by my cardstock now being very accessible, at eye height even, on my Expedit. I'm really zipping through this Greeting Farm Halloween set, I love it so much, so it was definitely a very good buy. I combined her with some Bo Bunny papers, a sticker sentiment, and a cute little owl. We're still allowed to use owls if it's Halloween, hehe.

24 October, 2014

A Happy Kitty Halloween

Wednesday was Mike and my official, unofficial Halloween. We went to Disneyland for the Trick-or-Treat Halloween party. Mike, myself, and Sirius were dressed as Dipper, Mabel, and Waddles Pines (respectively). It was super fun to be dressed up as a family, to spend time with Mike, and to have fun with everyone while we trick-or-treated. It really renewed my excitement for the holiday, you know?
So, excitement, yes, and then there was all this reorganisation going on still in my space. The table is cleaned off, but there's still random piles on my floor, there's still stuff in Iris cases, and there's still a whole empty Alex unit to be filled. I tackled paper on Thursday and realised, hey, I have WAY too much of it! It's now up to two Expedit cubes, which I don't approve of, and three more paper collection packs arrived in the mail today! One of them was for scrapping this year's Halloween (didn't need a whole collection pack, or anything really, but it's pretty!) and another is a nice, generic Christmas collection from Carta Bella. I have some very cute Christmas stamps to use this year.

Anyway, long story short, too much paper means I *have* to use some. I haven't been scrapping much at all this year, so cards it is. I had this little cutie on my desk, coloured up last week, so I got him on a card. He's from That Craft Place which, I have to say, I'm not totally pleased about the quality of the stamps. They seem to have just been drawn and scanned, no clean up, no proper digitization and so they have a "dirty" scanned look to them. This one even had specks of what I can only assume were eraser effluvia on the image, which was quite small too. BUT I managed to Photoshop it enough to get it to work well enough, obviously. Coloured up with Copics and pencils over a few days of messing around. I have a few more stamps like this, super cute, so I'm looking forward to colouring them and sharing them with you over the next few remaining October days.

20 October, 2014

Change Is Happening...

Saturday we went to IKEA and change is happening! Look at this mess. Seriously, it's insane what you have to pull apart to put things back together. My goal is to downsize, but I'm not purging. I'm just reorganising. It's surprising what you can do when you take things out of packages and get them into the best and most usable situations. All the stamps on my desk, that's yet more organising. Anyway, since I'm neck deep in all this, I am a little distracted from the crafting, but I'm still colouring. There's eleven more days to Halloween and I really want to celebrate the crap out of it!

17 October, 2014

Monstrously Cute

I have to say, the second that I laid eyes on the Halloween set from The Greeting Farm I knew it had to be mine. I love it! The little characters are just so freakin' cute all dressed up in their costumes. This is another image I coloured while playing my game, in between battles. I'm really loving the combining of Copics and coloured pencils, so I think I'm going to be sticking to that for a while. Definitely requires a new skill set!

I'm in the midst of reorganising *all* of my supplies, yes, but I've done the Halloween stuff, including all the stamps, and I gotta say I have some pretty awesome stuff! I'm not really happy with how this card came out, but I had a lot to choose from and I might have just gotten a bit random, that's all.

15 October, 2014

Haunted Fairy

Halloween is coming! You know I love it, and yet I'm trying, trying so hard to get excited at all. One of the ways is COLOURING of course. And you want to know the craziest thing? I seem to enjoy colouring *regular* images in a Halloween type way more than I do colouring actual Halloween stamps! Kooky, right? This little gal started out as a Spring themed fairy and then I got to her and now she's a witch. I bet that flute is to lure small children into her oven! I coloured her with Copics and pencils as is my wont lately. I just love the effect it gives.

13 October, 2014

2014 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. I know I haven't been creating much lately, having more fun gaming, but I promised my friends from the message board that I'd join them. I haven't been in a shopping mood, I've been absent from the message board (and I keep getting PMs to come back...), so I thought I'd show. Little did I know Mike would decide Friday night that he wanted to go to the Eastern Sierras! Since I'd have to cancel plans he figured I could go as long as we made sure to book out of there at 12pm. I had to drive us down there, since he worked two straight weeks without a day off and was tired, then Sirius and I met up with Jeanne and got to shopping.

Since I didn't actually need anything, and was only looking for the latest release of Lawn Fawn stamps, mostly we just wandered. The gamer paper pack, the 6x6 and 3x4 pack, and the stickers in the front were from a booth called Part Time Sally. I dunno what's up with stupid names for scrapbook companies, but they had newer stuff and nice discounts. I had 3 times that picked out, but I put the rest back. I got three little punches from another place, little leaves, because I have tiny tree stamps, but don't want to cut out tiny things. I found another place that had a new line from Amy Tan, stitched hearts and whatnot. Cost me just a few dollars so that was nice. As Jeanne was talking to a friend of hers from a stamp company I noticed that Echo Park was at this Expo. Same deal as Anaheim with three packs of paper for $7. I was distracted because I saw they actually had Chillingsworth Manor this time and they were sold out in Anaheim. For my other two packs I just got plain "distressed" paper since I don't much like cardstock and I figured it'd be good for layering. I also got a few more packs of the super cheap divided page protectors. I gotta say though, this has to be the least I've ever spent at an Expo. Barely $60. But then, yeah, I wasn't really feeling the shopping thing and I didn't have a whole lot of time there to wander and be enabled by the gals either.
Had a great time. Dunno if I'll be making it to the Anaheim Expo, but if I'm around I'll definitely be meeting up with these ladies again!

09 October, 2014

Hidden in the Mushrooms

Sometimes working on a digital stamp scene is like working on a project itself. Add in the weeks of colouring this off and on, and you can say that I'm not quite up to my usual production rate. I *tried* to make this like a psychadelic, cute fantasy scene. I'm not sure it worked, but I really enjoyed doing it. I coloured the base in Copics, and then the details were done with my Faber Castell Polychromos.

06 October, 2014

Hello, Fall

National Cardmaking Day was last Saturday and I figured I probably should be making something, especially since I had this little guy sitting on my desk just waiting for me. He was coloured during a big long talking session of my game. Gets kinda boring, so I colour. I paired the pup with a few scraps I have left from last Fall's lines from Imaginisce and Lawn Fawn. I knew these flair would go to use at some point. I hope you like him. He's a little messy, but I'm really liking that look from my pencils right now. I know I could colour it clean and smooth with them, but where's the fun in that?! Hehe.

05 October, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 33

Ah, week 33, the week that it all got crazy. I don't know why the pictures are all crappy, but  that picture on the bottom is the first picture I got with my guild in Elder Scrolls Online. I was having a bad day, the guild I'd been with was crappy, and all of a sudden I see an advert for a new vampire friendly guild. I talked to the Guild Master, he seemed cool, so I played with them for their events. Great time. And in no time, literally, he promoted me to member and then all the way to guild leader, just below him. It was pretty awesome, especially with how sad the week started out, losing Robin Williams and all. But yeah, this was the start of my obsession, getting completely lost in ESO way more than I had been before. It's been good for me, but bad for my crafting I guess, lol!

I hope to see you next week for PL Sunday, and I *do* have a few projects to post this week too.