25 November, 2015

Watercolour Wednesday: "Purple Girl"

Hiya! I have an art picture for you today! If you've been following my Instagram you saw the insanity I went through trying to colour her, but yeah. I'm better now. She was drawn on Saturday at Mike's work. The smoke was so bad from people's chimneys that neither of us could breathe. The air was literally toxic (we have an air quality meter) so we had to get out. The only place? Mike's *work*. Yes, Mike went to WORK, on actual work, on the weekend just so we could breathe. This is why I hate it up here. It's literally killing me.

ANYWAY, I took my art journal and after watching a little bit of Netflix I decided to sketch a bit. I came up with this girl, and she didn't look half bad, either. So I decided to paint her. I took a ton of photos just in case I ruined her, at least I could make her a digi and print her out again. But I don't think she came out terrible. Getting the background right was encouraging. I kept plugging along, and had her about where I wanted her. I was only using my Kuratake Gansai Tambi watercolours though, and so I wasn't getting quite the look I was going for. I decided to then mix in my Faber-Castell Polychromos for more definition and refinement. I also gave her some outlines, as the pencil had been painted over.

So, yeah, I hope you like her. She took about a day and a half from start to finish, but I had a hard time working on her cos with all the meds I'm taking I shake a lot and I wanted to make sure I didn't mess up her details. I have pretty big sable brushes and with shaking hands... not great. I just ordered smaller brushes so that should help in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nice work! Hopefully the air is better there for you and Mike... have a Happy Thanksgiving :)


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