06 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 5th

Now that it's the 5th, it starts the Daily Marker's 30 day Colouring challenge as well as World Watercolour Month. I'm going to TRY to participate in both, every day, but we'll see. The way my life goes I don't plan much because, yeah, CF sucks. Anyway, +Coco Bee Art did a painting for like the second day with orange and black and I thought I'd do the same. I'm really inspired by her style and I like the idea of abstract stuff, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm pleased with this, though I don't know how yet to control the medium as well as I should. I also still struggle with transparency since I'm so used to vibrance in Copic work.

And here's my little guy for the Daily Marker. I have a huge pile of stamps on my desk, still haven't put away so many new purchases, so I thought I'd use this challenge to colour some stamps. One challenge with original work, the other with stamps... we'll see how that goes. At least I still get freedom, lol! I tried colouring him with my Zig Clean Colour Real Brush markers which are lovely, but a little hard to get control of since I'm not accustomed to them. I added in some Distress Markers for a deeper look. When I put him on a card I'm going to use a star sticker on top of the wand, so I didn't bother colouring his sparkler.

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