13 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 12th

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Today I tried for more loose painting. I've seen many, many tutorials and examples of painting like this and I had to try it because as simple as it looks, it's not. Getting the look you want, getting the colours and the texture where you want it, yeah, not easy. This is going to take practise, but that's part of what this month is about! All said, I am happy with how these trees turned out, so that's good.

For my colouring I tried to do this stamp using the new Caran d'Ache Museum pencils and that was probably overkill. Not only does stamp colouring not require such fancy pencils, but doing such tiny detail on this little girl was hard. I do like how her skin came out eventually, though it was a struggle getting there and I still do not like Arches paper. I know, I'm the only watercolour artist that doesn't, but I don't. Anyway, I hope you like her, and she's got colour so I'm happy.

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