19 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 18th

Today I did a bit of an emotional painting for World Watercolour Month. The contrast between the hot and cold colours going with the idea of me being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do at any time, really. For someone without a job, or any real responsibilities, I seem to have a lot to do and no time to do it! It's all things I *want* to do, but for someone with ADHD, even things you like and enjoy can freak you out of they're not planned out and predictable. This was, yet again, inspired by +Coco Bee Art so don't think I'm just jacking her stuff, lol!

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The Copic colouring came easier today and I even decided to share how I start off my images by planning the shadows.

I'm in NO WAY perfect at this, and most people don't colour dark to light (a bad habit when watercolouring as well - it's all about light to dark!), but I thought I would share these because I know people have a hard time seeing the shadows and where the darkness would be on a person. If you have trouble, try looking at things in real life, the way they react to different light that's put on them. How does it bend in the curves? How does it hit when the light is diffused? How about in harsh light? Where do the shadows go and how does it make the object look? How do the shadows help convey that the object is 3D and not flat?

It also helps to keep in mind that these are cartoon images. Whatever amount of shadow you want to add can be correct. Cel shading in and of itself is perfectly viable. You can *suggest* that something is 3D without saying "hey, look, I have perfectly rendered every detail in painful realism on this cartoon stamp!" Sure, it's impressive when you can do that, but it's also either overkill, or utterly terrifying depending on what image you're using. Give it a go, try it out and see what level of shading you like, but remember it's only colouring. Don't compare yourself to others, be your own colourist, and just have fun! Art should only be painful when you're trying to express your soul, not when you're trying to colour a stamp!

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