20 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 19th

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This image was a first time sort of thing in two ways. The first was my first time using my Windsor and Newton limited palette that I made and trying to mix my own colours and the second was experimenting with the "loose botanicals" section of watercolouring. I truly don't understand watercolouring yet, I'll admit that, but this was a learning experience from start to finish. I'm really liking that part of World Watercolour Month.

Trish, and probably other people, was interested to see my shadow placement on the characters from the images before, so I figured I'd show how I planned out the shadows for these guys and I also used the little lines to show the placement I chose for the sun. Just to help us both out.

A photo posted by Aeryn Kelly (@aeryn.kelly) on

And here's the finished product. I also made sure to write down the little boy's hair combination because after all these times colouring him I think I found one I like. I hope you enjoy and are liking following me on this artistic journey!

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