21 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 20th

This drawing went kind of crazy.... I mean, I wanted to draw her 3/4, then went full on, and then her features got too dark and I dunno.

THEN I tried to paint her with my PH Martin's Hydrus watercolours and I went way too dark right away. I wanted JUST a little watercolour across her eyes and cheeks, and the rest of her visible, but obviously you can see how that worked out. Then it got dark in the centre and that was bad. Then I decided to trace her features in black. Then it got even darker. Then I decided to go over her in white and... well.... I've made worse things. Let's just say that. I've made worse things and it looks better on the photo than it is in real life (no filter even) and I'm just going to leave it at that. ((nods))

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Mike and I had a movie date night so I decided to colour just a little. These guys are fun to do, they're quick, and I like making little sayings with them because they have such personality.

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