24 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 23rd

I woke up SUPER early for a Saturday morning which sucked, so I decided to do art while I desperately tried to breathe. I coughed all through my meds, which was REALLY annoying, but I had fun with this. I'd painted the clipboard with black gesso the previous night, and then I put dollops of the three Dylusion paints and sprayed them with water and let it mix around. I kind of went nuts with the hair drying too, but whatever. I also splattered the colours on there with the splatter brush and wetted that. Then I brushed some of the Liquitex Black Lava onto it for sparkles. I dried that too, and then put two layers of Liquitex Gel Medium Gloss onto it to protect it. Since this is where I tape my paintings I needed a sealed layer. It's not perfect like if I'd bought it like this, but it was interesting to make.

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I used my new board to paint this and I really feel like I'm getting better at this watercolour thing. It's still hard, and I made some mistakes, but I think that painting every day has helped a lot. We'll see, and I'm sure I'll screw up more, but I'd like to keep up the progress of learning.

Not feeling great, or being okay around the Copics, I just coloured this tiny pegasus from The Greeting Farm. I messed it up though. The eyes were all crazy and then her hair got messed up and... yeah. Art is hard and doesn't do what you want it to much.

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