08 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month and Daily Marker 30 Day Colouring Challenge: July 7th

Today's prompt was "wet in wet" which I work in a lot so it wasn't hard. BUT the biggest example of that I work with is galaxies. I do the colours first and had fun playing with the way the Hydrus watercolours spread with just a little dip.

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Here's the finished. I shouldn't have added the white, frankly. I had to on one spot, because the stars didn't fall right, but trying to balance out the rest wasn't the best idea. Still, I like how the layers of colour went down and the final product does show that I'm at least progressing in this galaxy painting skill.

I have a few things already stamped out, but not actually coloured, and these foxes were among them. I decided to go with Copic for their colouring. It wasn't easy, considering how hard it is to breathe now with the smell of them, but I do miss using them a lot. I tried three different colour ways, but in the end I like the first one the best. Foxes and fur are fun!

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