03 July, 2016

World Watercolour Month: July 2nd

I like that the prompts for World Watercolour Month are vague. It's nice. Today's prompt of "Something with Eyes" went through a lot of thoughts in my head. Fish? Birds? But I finally decided on drawing a woman. I've been battling some rather annoying depression, made worse by my Cystic Fibrosis meds, so I didn't want to draw someone all happy and sunshiny. I left her eyes closed, her face sad, and then got to painting when the med shakes stopped.

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Watercolour is fun, but it's a harsh mistress sometimes. I had to be extremely careful and use my smallest brushes to make sure that the colour went where I wanted it to. Even then, her cheeks were difficult for me to do.

I went in with my pencils for the details, her lips especially, and her eyelashes. I wanted to make sure the watercolour didn't bleed. I'm not an expert yet! I'm happy with how she came out, even though I drew her face kind of lopsided. I'll pay closer attention to that next time. I find it easier to criticize a picture than the real drawing, so I'm going to try to photograph the sketch before I paint it next time. Maybe I'll catch that kind of thing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this painting! I think my drawings are getting better, so that makes me happy.

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