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I have done, or am trying to finish, Project Life for as many years as I can. While I don't use any official products by Becky Higgins Corporation I still call it Project Life because a) it's easier for you, as the reader, to search and find my pages and b) because I'm still within the loose "spirit" of the project like weekly layouts, the sometimes use of cards. I think by now everyone knows about PL and it's just plain easier to call it that.  If you're looking for inspiration, or my take on the project, I've made a collection of what I've gotten completed for you here. My goal is to not only finish the years that I've started, but to go back in the past, at least until 2001 when Mike and I met, and hit proper milestones and such.


This was the first year I attempted Project Life officially. I tried to stick to a theme, made pre-made cards for myself with a Lawn Fawn stamp, and used up scraps and such. In the end, I didn't quite finish it. This is what I have done so far: Project Life 2012


This year I did much better. I mixed it up quite a bit though, from pocket pages to 12x12 layouts. The one consistency was that I used one paper collection for the entire year. I chose Amy Tan's Sketchbook because it was bright and colourful and I figured it would match with most of my photos at some point. Not every layout I have finished has been photographed, but here is what I have for you: Project Life 2013

2014 (Complete!)

This year I was victorious! I joined the monthly Life Pages kit club from Gossamer Blue and I was able to keep up with the project, I got colourful cards, and I finished right on time. I think the motivation of not wanting the kits to pile up really kept me on track. I have a year's worth of memories all documented for the first time. It's very exciting. Not all the layouts are photographed now, but they will be. Here is what I have at the moment: Project Life 2014


This year I'm attempting to do it on my own again. With the success of 2014 I at least have an example of what I want and what I can do. The kit club was problematic, in the end it kind of waste money when I had products I didn't like, so I'm trying to just make things up as I go along this year. Here is what I have so far: Project Life 2015

I hope you find this page useful! Thank you for visiting! 

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