20 October, 2020

Not Forgotten

 Will I ever get my life together and post here correctly when I finish things? I have no idea. It being painful to type doesn't help. But the website's not forgotten, I promise. 

01 August, 2020

July 2020 Coloured Pages

(Yes, I keep forgetting to post here, I'm.... not great at this)

Among the many other art things I did in July, including messing around with Dina Wakley gloss sprays, perler beads, and colouring an adorable stamp every single day, I managed to finish 6 colouring book pages. I'm pretty proud of all of them actually which I think is also a plus. I need to get better at time management, and not eating everything in sight and blaming the pandemic, buuuuut, I think I got the  colouring productivity thing down haha.

You can see the video recap of what I coloured here on my youtube: July 2020 Completed Colouring

02 March, 2020

Colouring Book: En Famille - Lilo and Stitch

It's beautiful! LOL if you can't love your work no one else will. But also, I'm proud of myself for improving with every Disney page I colour because, honestly, living up the the amazing artists at Disney is NOT EASY, people! Especially when doing it on livestream and you're like... am I going to screw up HUGE?

The answer is no, it actually worked out pretty well and we had a great time. I used a reference of the exact scene in Stitch Has a Glitch as well as another reference for the background. It's not a perfect match to the colours, it takes a bit to get right, but honestly part of colouring is adding your own touch. We used Copic markers as well as Neocolour 2 for the sky because I just love the spread of Neocolour 2 on the Copic paper. SO smooth and beautiful. I finished up the details with Polychromos for the full mixed media experience.

This is how far we got on the livestream over on Twitch. If you'd like to see the replay you can head to Twitch or Youtube to check it out. And don't forget to join us for the whole experience while the stream is live.

30 January, 2020

Colouring Book: The Witcher - Priscilla's Song

It feels so good to get another Witcher picture finished and this is my 20th page finished in the book. There's 45 images, if I remember correctly, so nearly halfway through. I try to finish a page a month, sometimes I do more, which works out because December I decided to focus more on winter themed images. 

For this image I decided to focus on jewel tones. Dandelion and Priscilla are very colourful in general, and I figured that the stage they're on could be colourful and rich as well. Since most of the pages really bring out brown/black/green this was a nice change to really make everything vibrant. I tried to keep all the other characters aside from Dandelion and Priscilla simply coloured and shaded to more fade them into the background and make the main characters more the focus. Dandelion's outfit is very detailed and many of the details weren't actually in the line art so I just approximate them. He and Priscilla have many gold details too and I don't like gold so I wasn't really enthused about adding them. The comic style of the line art kinda allows me to make the more stylistic choice to only include what I want to.

For this, as with the rest of the book I used Copic markers and Polychromos pencils.

24 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Mouse Guard - Magic Cave

This was a really fun stream. After my videos showing all my colouring books and finished pages (as of January 2020) I had a few requests for some attention to be paid to this or that book. Mouse Guard was one of those that I hadn't coloured in yet either. 

I tend to not really plan much before a stream so I wasn't sure if I wanted a green glow with purple background or purple glow with green background, but I try not to waffle too much and just make a decision. I do like how it's come out. I decided that black stars didn't make sense, and this might not actually be at night, so we went with more like glowy dust motes that sparkle in the purple background. 

I used Tombow Dual Brush markers for most of the picture, but the purple background I used Inktense just because of the way I felt the paper was taking the wet of the brush markers. I used Pablos for the detail work because I use Polychromos so much and I wanted to mix it up, haha. I hope you like this page as much as I liked creating it.

You can see the replay of the livestream HERE on my Twitch channel!

19 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Thomas Kinkade and Disney Alphabet - Lady and the Tramp

I'm kind of conflicted about this one. First off, my idea of making the L a sort of blue metallic looking thing didn't work, so I got kinda stuck because I'd already coloured so much of it and wasn't going to toss the whole thing. If something doesn't work I put it aside or I'll work through the issue, and so what I did was take my Thomas Kinkade Disney colouring book and scan the Lady and the Tramp page. I printed it on Copic paper and I used an X-acto knife to cut out the L that had been on the page and backed it with the new print. This way a different scene shown through the blank L and added a little extra to the page. Will I do this for every page in the Alphabet book? I dunno, but I do like the effect of it.

I'm conflicted on this page because it took so much effort to get the page constructed the way that I wanted that when it came to the details I found myself getting kind of tired of the page sooner than I would have liked. I can see many places that could be touched up, improved, or just plain need more colour. I decided to let it go at this stage, not to fuss or stress myself out, and I think that was the best thing. I can fuss FOREVER and if I'm having fun that's fine, but if I'm not it's honestly better to just call it done before I end up hating the page.

In the end, if nothing else I can look back on this page after the year and see if I improve on the Disney colouring and composition. But the fun thing is that I got a page in 2 books finished with just one image. It's not the full image, but it still counts!

17 January, 2020

Colouring Book: ALL My Colouring Books and Finished Pages 1/2020 - part 2

I finished off the tour of my 226 colouring books and my finished pages and now there's TWELVE HOURS of content for you to view at your leisure. If you have ideas on which pages/books you'd like to see featured in a Friday colouring stream don't hesitate to comment or email me and let me know! I always take your ideas into consideration.

You can find the video on my Twitch channel RIGHT HERE and see all the rest of my books and coloured pages.

15 January, 2020

Colouring Book: ALL My Colouring Books and Finished Pages 1/2020 - part 1

Today I shared as many of my colouring books and finished colouring pages as I could. It took us SIX HOURS so far. This is why I usually make it 2 videos, but that just means we'll do it again on Friday and pick up where we left off. I still have one more shelf of books, all the books I've scanned in, and two binders full of colouring pages I've done. For now, you can watch Part One: Right here! Hope to see you Friday for Part Two's live stream!

06 January, 2020

Colouring Book: The Story of a Girl in the Forest - Winter Night

Chiaki Ida is one of my favourite colouring book artists and it's usually because of simple scenes like this. This picture is actually from the postcard book so it's also quite small and simple to finish off in an afternoon. I love the warmth in her images, even without colour added, and I tried to focus on a rich and jewel tone type image. I feel that with so much going on it got a bit overwhelming colour-wise but other than that I'm happy with the piece as a whole. The tone of the wood grain always says "cosy" to me and made this picture inspiring to colour.

05 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Nice Little Town Christmas 2 - Owl House

In November, on my Discord, I held a vote of 10 winter colouring pages for my community to vote on what they'd like to see me colour on stream. This was the last of those 4 images that I chose. One show was preempted due to a gift I wanted to colour with the gifter. 

I don't plan a whole lot ahead of time and just kind of went with whatever colours I felt like and got quite a lot done during the livestream.

Since I'd enjoyed the project so much, and the addition of the little Clearly Besotted owls, this project was very quick to finish off after the show was over. I'm not a fan of the mice in the artist's work, but I felt the owls fit so great with the image and the little house it just was a joy to work on. I'm not as happy with the snow as I've been on other projects during this winter season, I think it came out okay for a cartoon-y image.

I used glitter gel pens for the garlands and the random decorations on the house and then topped it all off with a rather heavy snow flurry considering I didn't put any clouds in the sky, haha. 

I really enjoyed this picture and if you'd like to watch the replay you can find the 
Twitch Stream where we colour this on my Twitch channel: AerynK. I think it's really fun to colour these images the community votes for because while I do pick the mix, and they're all images I *would* colour, everyone always picks images I'd not expect them to want to see. It makes it a collaborative project.

02 January, 2020

Colouring Book: Mythographic Aquatic - Turtle Arch

When this book came out I was DYING to colour it. It's one of those books that every page I was like "yes, this one. no, this one, no this one" until I finally just put colour to a page. I love Joseph's detailed, surreal drawing style. I'm really fixed on keeping things realistic looking but somehow I'm able to break that a bit when colouring his work. I mean, a BIT. I also find that the gel pens that my mom got me for the holiday in 2017 go really well to colour over the dark lines in the clouds he likes to use in his pages. I dunno where the colour ideas come from, but there you go.

For this page I used my Copic markers, Lyra Rembrandt pencils, and gel pens.