25 July, 2007

The Purples Quilt

 The Purples Quilt. The third quilt I ever made. This one is out of a pack of fat quarters and I just kind of cut into the squares randomly and then sewed them together again. This is a lap quilt and it's completely terrible. It's also an example of more complicated quilting.

Moody Blues Quilt

 My "blue" period. Joanns had a lot of blue fabrics, a LOT of them, and I decided that blue would be perfect for the biggest quilt ever because our bedroom is usually painted blue and Mike likes blue.
I love the backing of this quilt. I didn't have enough of it to cover the entire thing, so we used some wiggle room blue fabric. This quilt is also double batted, making it super warm,and it is big enough for the both of us. It gets used pretty much every winter.

My First Quilt

 I just realized I have a quilt section on here, but very few actual quilts. So I figured I'd show what I've made over the years. I used to watch that quilting show on TV, it was on right after the scrapbooking show and I was jealous of what that gal could make. And the fact that my BFF can sew. 

I wanted to learn. And I learn by doing. Mike, Christmas of '03, bought me a sewing machine he'd gotten at Target for a decent price and took me to the fabric store. After that, I hit the ground running.
Each square you see is hand cut. I didn't know about rotary cutters or fancy plastic rulers so I used scissors and vanishing pencil to do every single square. This was the reason I started quilting. This was the quilt I wanted. I also didn't know you have to wash fabric before you quilt with it so it's never been washed. It's never really been USED because of this, but I think I might just take the plunge.