12 September, 2007

Halloween has Come Early

Finally started on my Halloween quilt. I've been slacking about it, though I was so excited to find the fabric a week or so ago. I needed measurements and I honestly don't like to measure. These are scrappy squares of my own design. All you need is 6 fat quarters, a ruler, and voila! You cut out your pieces, make nice piles, and then make sure the dog is outside when you plan your blocks. The idea is to diversify as much as possible, as these squares are going to get rotated around and then sewed together three by three. Of course now that some of them are sewn together and I'm looking at this picture I can see flaws.... but oh well right?
These are the squares, laid out and ready for me to pick them up and sew them.
This is a closeup on a square. You can see the patterns this way. I'm thinking of quilting it with orange thread so I don't mess things up. Orange goes well in all of these fabrics (if it's not already included) so it should look better than just boring old black thread. Anyway, off to sew more squares... it's just good to take breaks in the middle. You don't hurt your back that way.