15 October, 2007

The Long Hard Road

I've finished the quilting for the middle of the quilt, now I move on to the hard part, the border. I went through a few drafts and with some input with Mike decided on a linear line design and then for the corners I want to do spiderwebs. I was going to do black, then white yarn, then white thread and then Mike came up with the wonderful idea of a shimmery silver. I like that he has input in the quilt, that he's actually interested in something I'm doing, it makes me feel good. So we picked out just the right thread (and a backup just in case) and now I've got to do the line design and then draw out the spiderweb. I'm a little worried about it because of the curved parts, but I'm so excited to see it done I'm willing to just go for it. I was worried about the middle, quilting all of it, and not one pucker or tuck in the whole thing, so I obviously didn't lose my mojo in over a year hiatus. I can't wait to try my hand at something that *I* draw out (instead of following the tape lines) and then sewing on the cute little plastic spiders that we bought at the party store. I was hoping for buttons, but in all the Internet I couldn't find any, so we're going with party store ones. I've gotta get some sleep, I've 2 days to get this baby quilted and then put the binding on, that's not much time!

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