14 October, 2009

2009 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

This is my haul from the Scrapbook Expo on Oct 10 in Ontario. I haven't been to an Expo in a long time, and so it was great to go back. I even invited my friend Kelly this time, because it's so much more fun when you have someone with you and I'm not cruel enough to drag Mike along in my wake as he'd be bored to tears. Kelly is crafty and she said yes, no problem. We even had a card making night to donate to the troops (I'll post about that later) along with a lot of other goods that the donation place had listed. Since she's a beginner and I was informed that the classes are really for beginners and it's hard to learn anything *new* when you've been doing scrapping for years I took a BasicGrey class, letting Kelly pick which one she wanted us to do. It was cool, but yes, it was more for a beginner. Kelly didn't end up doing the layouts along with us, because she wasn't really into them, but she still said she had fun and learned a lot. She took a bunch of notes which should help when she works at home on her own. Add in that all the supplies I got? YAY!

I love going to the Expo because of all the deals and this one did not disappoint at all. We got a 10% off coupon for the place that sold all the BasicGrey stuff, which is good because I LOVE BasicGrey so very much and hadn't shopped there yet. I was so happy to see that the Eerie stickers that I was eyeing before the class hadn't been snapped up so I got those immediately for our big Halloween trip to Disneyland. I think THE BEST deal of the Expo was Crate Paper. I don't know much about the company, but some came to me in my Zany Zinnia kit and I liked working with it (see the A is for Aeryn layout). And their deal of buy two, get two is insane. I thought I'd have trouble finding four kits that I wanted, but I more had trouble paring down to *just* four. They're very well done and the idea that you get the *entire* line without having to rely on 2Peas or Scrapbook.com to carry everything is great.

In the years before I kind of went nuts at the Expos. But this time I was very careful. Yes, I got a big haul, but I also made sure that I LOVE everything I got. All the kits are great and will work for several projects. The stencils I'm planning to use more for quilting (spraying fabric with bleach to get a sort of tie-dye pattern), the cupcake stamps are brilliant, the BaiscGrey is always good and appreciated, and the albums I've been needing for a while so it was nice to find them so cheap and cute for my niece and nephew's albums. Mmmmm, soooo happy and it was SUCH a good weekend.

Oh, also? We got to go and have sushi afterwards at my favourite place, and I was able to drive all the way to Ontario by myself (read: without Mike doing the freeway parts). I've got mad skills!

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