25 April, 2011

Studio Monday: Things Change

I just did a scrap room tour, you don't need to hear me talk about it all, but I just wanted to note how much my scrap closet has changed in just a little while. It's crazy how much my Copic collection has grown, my stamps are all organised, my desk is still clean, of course, I added a few projects on display, I got my Texture Boutique and embossing folders, I purged out some papers... I got a lot done actually. Way to go me! Anyway, here's pictures, cos I like looking at pictures and occasionally some other people do too.


  1. Wow you have alot of stuff...and all those flowers!! Wow..I would hate to use the flowers cause there so pretty..like decor haha! thanks for sharing girl..I love to see other people space to get ideas on how to make my area work for me.. :)

  2. It's funny, I don't see it as a lot. Mostly it's things I've had for years, and am just now using bits of again and again.

    I agree about the flowers though, I'm actually having that problem with the ribbon. I love the shelf, and the jars, and I hate the idea of using things up and then not having the decoration of it up there. But, as I mentioned in our group, I came up with the solution I could get PaperTrey Ink ribbons and buttons. I think I'll take that idea with the flowers as well. Buttons in there, ribbon in the jars, and maybe I can start to use that stuff up.

    It's either use it, or purge it.

  3. Cool, I sometimes wish my area was more compartmentalized so everything was close by instead of all over. Even though my stuff is organized sometimes having to get up and sort through stuff slows the process. And I love that you have pictures of the Supernatural guys above your work space.

  4. Supernatural, Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Sherlock... all shows with sexy men who love each other. They motivate my depraved brain. Plus, like the insane woman I am, I talk to them when I'm bored, lol!

    It's not just because I have such a small space to work with, I had an entire room once, but I found that getting up for an embellishment or a punch... well, that just made me "make do" without said item. Maybe it's lazy, maybe it's the arthritic knees, but I just don't want to be up and down for something I might need. And I'm CERTAINLY not the kind of scrapper that can plan "I'll need this, and this, and this" before I sit down to make something. Not gonna happen! Everything within arm's length works out perfectly for me. Thanks for looking!!

  5. I recognized the other pictures but didn't know what shows they came from. I think the reason I don't use my stuff is because it's not close by and I amm lazy.

  6. Laziness does plague the hobby. Is there a way you can move things closer in your room? With a closet, I know I don't have much choice, but in my old bedroom I just kind of clustered things around my desk and MADE a secluded area where I could scrap even though the room was decently large. I did the same in my bedroom at my parent's house though, I like feeling "kept in" sometimes. But perhaps not having to get up for what you want will help you scrap better.


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