18 July, 2011

Grampa's Quilt

 More about the quilt's progress. Here it is with all the rows sewed together. Five up, four across, makes a decent sized lap quilt. This is where I had to stop, because we didn't have a backing, or batting, or binding. I waited until Mike got off work early and we headed down the hill to Joann's. For some reason all these plaid flannels were right up front when we walked in, took us two seconds to find the backing. I love it. I got some nice natural cotton batting, never used it before, but it seemed ritzy, and we were done right quick.
 Then it was just a matter of spreading it out, pinning it, and marking the lines for the quilting. Mike did that part. He wanted to contribute. I quilted one direction, then then Mike marked the other direction.
 And here it is all quilted. Each square ended up having an X through it, *almost* perfectly. I mean, none of the squares were sewn perfectly straight, so it's no big deal that the quilting didn't end up perfect either. I was looking for the "rustic" look anyway.
Finally, Wednesday night, just before midnight, while Mike was still playing his video games, I finished putting on the thin binding I got. I, of course, didn't count on the fibers of the flannel shirts being a bit too loose to hold the stitches of the binding. By the time I got it to Grampa on Saturday it had pulled away in several places. Thankfully he didn't notice when I gave it to him and my aunt promised to add a thicker binding to it when she could ferret it away from Grampa without him noticing. 

Okay, so I screwed it up, ala ME, but he liked it a lot. Grampa wears a lot of flannel shirts and the quilt was real warm, so I guess it worked out.

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