13 July, 2011

Half Done

Took me half an hour, and got the quilt top half done. Not bad at all! I think it looks pretty cool too, I mean, I've been planning a quilt like this for a while now, I might have gotten on it a bit faster if I knew it would come out this pretty. I'm sure Grampa will love it now!


  1. I really like those colors and patterns together. Nice work! I hope to learn how to quilt someday.

  2. Thank you kind anonymous person. I'm just glad the flannel shirts I had lying around actually worked well with each other, cos the box in the attic is a bit hard to get to, lol!

    as for quilting, just wing it! My first quilt, though pretty, is FULL of crazy mistakes and rookie sewing, but it's also beautiful and warm. I've done a lot now, and I think I get better with each one, learn something knew, that kind of thing.


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