25 July, 2007

My First Quilt

 I just realized I have a quilt section on here, but very few actual quilts. So I figured I'd show what I've made over the years. I used to watch that quilting show on TV, it was on right after the scrapbooking show and I was jealous of what that gal could make. And the fact that my BFF can sew. 

I wanted to learn. And I learn by doing. Mike, Christmas of '03, bought me a sewing machine he'd gotten at Target for a decent price and took me to the fabric store. After that, I hit the ground running.
Each square you see is hand cut. I didn't know about rotary cutters or fancy plastic rulers so I used scissors and vanishing pencil to do every single square. This was the reason I started quilting. This was the quilt I wanted. I also didn't know you have to wash fabric before you quilt with it so it's never been washed. It's never really been USED because of this, but I think I might just take the plunge.

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