29 January, 2012

Intermediate Copic Certifcation Class

 Saturday, Jan 28th I went to the Intermediate Copic Certification class in Anaheim. The whole CHA thing was going on, and I think that's why we got so lucky, but though Sherrie Siemens was officially teaching the class, Marianne Walker was also there to teach and entertain us! I took my first class from her and she remembered me, which is pretty cool. The picture above is all my things packed up to go to the class. It's a good thing I brought my own markers cos there weren't a ton of sets and it was pretty much one set per four people which really made colour choices a bit difficult.
 Since Marianne's book had just come out when I took my original cert class, they were hard to find and she only had 5 there to sell. I was not one of the 5 that got one, and then subsequently got them signed. My jealousy knew no bounds. But I eventually got one, and then got another at Jenn Dove's retreat. Well, I sold that one to my seat neighbour, and Marianne was kind enough to sign my copy for me. Isn't her handwriting pretty?
 Mickey Jack learned a lot.
 Marianne is a fun teacher. She's nutty like me, in the fun way, so it's cool. And I love when she goes off on a tangent. The room was set up perfectly, all of us in a U shape, and basically Marianne and Sherrie each started at one end, met in the middle, and then went around with the samples and answering questions that anyone might have on the techniques we were doing. We covered a ton of stuff. Some of it new, some of it I knew from Jenn's class, but it was good to hear other teachers teach it. I think my brain was a bit numb by the end though, and I've been exhausted all day from the overload or from just talking and socializing so much. I met some fun gals, Laura to my left, Laura to my right, and Kathy were my seat mates and they were cool. It was Kathy's first time with Copics ever and she did a real good job.
 And boy did we get swag! We got our regular booklets, we got a pot of Opaque White, that kind of thing. We got out certificates and this neat little pin, but the feather in the cap was they gave each and every one of us a Copic Carry Case. New, in box, completely free. Since I already have this case, I'm selling mine to a reader (first come - first serve, just email me at aerynkelly@gmail.com) for $70 plus actual shipping, but it's still an *awesome* gift. The reception was kind of similar to the Oprah car thing. hehe
 I had to get a picture with Marianne this time, just cos, why not? You know? She was cool enough to indulge everyone in a little "star treatment" and took the time to answer any questions we might have on specific projects or anything that might have been troubling us in general.
And here's my certificate. The best thing was that since Marianne was there this time too, my name on both of them match cos she did the Calligraphy for both. Both of them are now framed and I'll hang them above my closet. I didn't want them to get all bent up or lost, so framing them seemed the easiest way.

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