23 January, 2012

Studio Monday: New Stamp Shelf

 And it's finished! All my stamps are hung up on yet *another* stamp shelf made by my very lovely, amazing, wonderful husband! Look how handy he is. For the first time in history the stores in Big Bear had what we needed and we were able to get all the supplies to build me another shelf this morning. He got it up in about 15 minutes and I just spent the last half hour getting all the little clips up and organised with their stamps on them. On the top shelf are all my SBS stamps together (all on the right side), and on the left side of the middle clip are seasonal stamps and lesser used general stamps. On the bottom shelf are my Papertrey Ink stamps all together (all on the right side) and on the left side is background stamps, general images that are more common, and all my Penny Black and Lawn Fawn stamps because those are the ones I reach for most often. On the very, very left I have my stamps that are best for my Project Life. Things like date stamps, letter stamps, and journalling spots.
And here's my neglected little Iris case. It's been emptied out! The only stamps that remain are the Greeting Farm ones, still mounted, and I haven't decided if I want to unmount them or not. I mean, there's no reason not to, they're not "more special" than any of the others, I'm just conflicted about them and for now they have their own space so that's fine. Also at hand I have the little bin for my acrylic blocks, the little bin for my Spellbinders and miscellaneous dies, the little pail for my embossing powder, the empty pail I use to show you the markers I've coloured an image with, and a tiny pail that's filled with random pony parts to be altered with clay.

I hope you enjoyed *yet another* peek at my storage, and since it's done now I promise this will be the last one, lol!


  1. Wow! That is an awesome organizational system you/ and your dh have created! Can ya'll come to my house and organize me now? :)

    1. I would love to Kelly! Do ya live anywhere near me, hehehe.


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