21 January, 2012

Studio Monday: My Evolving Stamp Organization

 We went to Michael's today and finally found the proper, best clips there. They're part of that whole Recollections storage stuff. All the cubes we all have? Well one of the cubes must have some sort of hanging device because they sell a baggie of 24 clips and all their stuff was 40% off today so we got a bunch of those packages. 5 to be precise. 
 Of course, the problem is that I have so many stamps and still quite a small closet. Apparently 20" just isn't enough space! Look how crunched together these stamps are! Mike and I were considering coating the metal bar in some sort of lubricant so that the washer will move on it more easily, so I can page through the stamps, but the amount of stamps I need to put up on there is SO much that they just have to be crammed in and won't be able to move in the slightest!
 Here they are all hung up. That's *nearly* every stamp that I own.
All my wood mounted stamps have been unmounted and the wood disposed of to save space, almost all the packaging of clear stamps has been disposed of, all the cling mount has been ripped off the backs of mounted stamps, it's all gone! These are the only stamps that still remain untouched in their original packaging and with their cling mount. My Lawn Fawn, Greeting Farm, and Penny Black stamps. And the only reason for that is I've run out of room! If I had room on my shelf they would be up in there as well. I'm toying with asking Mike to build me another shelf tomorrow, above the current one. These stamps are not small in number, and then if I happen to add to my collection once the Scrapbook Expo comes to town *those* stamps will need somewhere to live! OMG! Finding space for stamps is nearly as difficult as finding space for paper and embellishments!!

But it's okay, cos I LOVE organising!