28 February, 2012

2012 Anaheim Scrapbook Expo

 For the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo this year Betty, her daughter Rio, her friend Dawn and I planned to stay down there for a girl's weekend. An entire day at the Scrapbook Expo is just exactly what I needed, and dragging Mike down to have him bored and following me around is just not fun at all. My friend Katie and I went last year together, and it was awesome, but unfortunately she couldn't come, too much school.
The shopping was fun. I'd waited so long for it, you know? I spent half of January, and most of February until the 24th biding my time, saving my moneies, and using up as much stuff as I possibly could. I NEEDED shoppings. And the great thing about the Expo is it's like having a bunch of LSS all in one place. I love it! I've been going to the Scrapbook Expos since 2004 when I first started scrapbooking and since I'd missed the October 2011 one it had been a year since I'd gotten to go. Stupid snow. So I went a little nuts. I'm good with it though. And so is Mike. He just sent me with a credit card and a smile, happy to have the weekend all to himself to play video games. Mike chilled at home, waiting rather late to cook me a special dinner Sunday night. He said he probably should have just gone ahead and come down, since he missed me and he was kinda bored. That's right, cos I'm AWESOME!
And here's my haul! I spread it out on our bed so I could see everything.
 The first picture includes stamps from the ScrapBuck booth. The little stamps were .50 each and the larger set of embellished words was just $1. The Dreamweaver stencils were something I had seen at the Copic retreat I went to in AZ and I've been wanting them since. I have to try them out with my paste stuff and my airbrush!
 Up here is what the Crafter's Nook had to offer this time. Instead of the quite cheap Stampavie stamps I was looking forward to, they had only this brand of stamps, Art Impressions or something. I liked the owls that Betty pointed out (she got a few too) so I got just those. At Krafty Kreations (I took a class from them last year - Katie's idea) I got these Greeting Farm stamps. I love the Greeting Farm, obviously, and since they were the same price as iCopic has them, I figured "why not?"
 The one thing I was VERY excited about was the new Lawn Fawn stamps. They say everywhere that they're shipping their new stuff on Feb 29th, so I was VERY surprised to see these actually at the show. The Scrap Yard (first picture) was our first stop and they had literally everything Lawn Fawn has ever made. So happy! I picked up the two new sets that I wanted, plus a few I've been coveting for a while. I dunno what it is about these guys, I just love the style. Apparently the owner Kellie is really awesomesauce too, so that's always nice to know. You can also see the little ink dauber box I got. I've been using the TH distresser but I keep getting my inks mixed up, so this should solve that. I also got the newest 12 Copic markers for $50. A booth had a deal where the more markers you bought the cheaper they got, and $50 for 12 just can't be beat anymore. My Copic collection is once again complete, and up to 358. WOOOO!
 Here's the paper I got! Woo! Right to left I have some of the new Dear Lizzy Neapolitan, a paper pack by Canvas Corp, some of last season's MME papers including the non-glittered Lost and Found, and the new paper by Lawn Fawn.
 This here's a pack of last season's Pink Paislee Nantucket. I had a 6x6 and I used most of it, and I have beachy photos to scrap, so I figured I'd take advantage of the 30% off. AND when I went back last I found that they had the stamps too, which I was mentioning earlier that I wanted so I was happy to find them on sale as well. Score!
 While Betty was getting chatted up at the Prima booth (and making business connections for her store) I was searching through the baskets they had there. The more you bought, the cheaper things got, so I picked through pretty thoroughly. I know, I KNOW, I've said I don't need more flowers, but I actually have ideas and pictures for these ones, so I should be good. Plus they had phrase stamps and little frames which was cool. I also got some Crafter's Workshop masks for my airbrush. I paid a bit more, cos I fell victim to the whole "I saw it here, I better get it... oh shit, it's cheaper four booths down". It's an Expo thing. It has to get you at least once every year.
And this here is the package I came home to. I slipped a bit before the Expo. Our CC called about fraud detection, suspecting someone got our number, so we got new cards. Which meant that we had to go through everything and change the saved numbers and whatnot. Which meant he had to give me my PayPal password back. And two seconds later I bought this. The Greeting Farm Creepin' Kit was something I've been wanting forever, and it went from $50 to $32 so I figured I'd better pounce. Then... Well, then shopping happened. Anyway, it arrived on Saturday so I came home to a package on my desk and with all the new toys I'm just friggin' over the moon, kwim?! I had a great weekend with my friends and now I have so much to play with I don't even know where to start!