28 May, 2012

Studio Monday: Scrap Closet Re-Do

(All pictures are clickable for a larger image, in case you want a closer peek at anything. )

It's been six month since I did any work on my scrap desk and honestly, I've been pretty frustrated with it. I'm frustrated with our living situation in general, but I didn't like how small my space was. I was forever hitting my arm on the edge of the closet! And of course swearing like a sailor when I did it. Add to that the plastic drawers were falling apart, there was crap in them I didn't use, and I couldn't get hold of things I DID use when I needed to!
No, something needed to be done. On May 25th I woke up with the idea to take the desk apart, use just the top of it, and use Jetmax cubes instead as the supports. Unfortunately I only had THREE Jetmax cubes, so I had to use Iris holders as the supports. Thankfully they were just a 1/2" higher than the Jetmax cubes would be. If you don't know, I live in a rural mountain town that doesn't much allow for just jetting off to Michael's whenever you want. I'd have to wait until we travelled down the hill on Saturday to get the next cubes.
 This was the result. I got to scrap in this space the whole day and I found I really liked it. I realized quickly that I'd need different Jetmax cubes though. One with four square drawers, and another with three pull out drawers. The cube on the bottom left would not work for my space anymore and has been relegated to the kitchen. The two cubes on the right would need to be put on the left as their supplies wouldn't be needed as much as the stuff that had been in the plastic drawers before.
 Saturday, May 26th, we went down the hill, enjoyed a movie, and did our shopping. When we got home we sat down and put together the two cubes on the right. I then took apart and put my desk back together. I cleaned *everything* completely, vacuuming once again too. I moved my paper cart to the left because I figured it would not only add more space for the drawers, but it would make for less of a "footprint".
 The top of my desk hasn't changed much at all. I added SMASH books, and a pants hanger for my washi "collection".
 Moving my light to the left side of my desk wasn't something I really wanted to do, but since it's now more "vacant" over there, and since the top drawer on the right wouldn't be able to open with the lamp holder sitting there, I didn't see as I had much choice. So far it's not been in the way though, so it's okay. My stamp shelves holding their envelopes remain as useful as ever.
And the right side of my desk. It's quite colourful with all my stickles, my ribbon, and my buttons.
 Here's the new drawer cube. They hold 4x6 photos perfectly, which I LOVE. The next is full of my dewdrop inks and their various applicators. On the bottom is my Greeting Farm stamp collection (and a few Some Odd Girl stamps waiting for a home). And then my Spellbinders dies as well as my Cuttlebug folders so they're right at hand when I'm ready to use them.
 These are my favourite drawers. The top holds all my most used tools. I really like this as it's easy to grab what I need and then put it right back in that top drawer. Right beneath that is all my general embellishments. Flowers, brads, multicoloured ribbon, Jolee's stickers, that kind of thing. Below that is my Halloween and Christmas themed embellishments as well as my specialized adhesive like pop dots and really sticky tape.
 This here's my paper cart. It went through some big transformations cos I got rid of two paper holders full of paper by USING it. A big accomplishment. Most of my Basic Grey is gone too, so I'll be getting rid of that soon I'm sure. I'm starting to think buying all that cardstock was a bad idea. Two paper holders full?! Ugh! Anyway, I'm down for using up all the paper on this cart quickly cos I don't like when things linger. I've also got on there my supply SMASH book, full of Copic combos and supply lists. And I've got my little tote with my Cricut carts and booklets. I haven't opened that in... oh, nearly a year now? Need to get to that!
 This is the top cube on the left side of my desk. It has a selection of wood mounted stamps, most from Stampscapes all organized in the drawers and my sort of "overflow" inks and my embossing powders. I don't use them that often so it's not a big deal if I have to crawl under my desk to get them. I've also got my coloured pencil set, my Copic paper, my Kraft paper, and my Cricut mats up there in the paper holders.
 The drawers here on the last cube hold bigger tools, my embossing gun, my tiny attacher, my glue gun, and then the bottom has an assortment of mini albums. For someone who doesn't like mini albums I sure have a lot of them!

So, that's it! My brand new scrapbook closet! I LOVE it, just so you know. I'm really liking the organization of it all and the cleanliness of it. I hope you like it too!

08 May, 2012

2012 San Diego Scrapbook Expo

 National Scrapbook Day was also the day of the San Diego Scrapbook Expo. I got a TON of good deals at the Anaheim expo and I used almost all of what I got in the short time between the end of February and the beginning of May. SO, Mike agreed to take me to the San Deigo Expo. I was really excited because some of the booth's that I'd enjoyed and dropped big bucks at in Anaheim were going to be present in San Diego and I could stock up again. Plus I could get some random little things that I don't really like having to order off the internet. 

But I was a bit disappointed. The stores that were fabulous in Anaheim just didn't "bring it" in San Diego. They had less inventory and the things I was hoping to re-buy or stock up on just weren't there. I did manage to get some good deals. Mike helped me out at the Prima booth, holding and counting my packages so I could get the best deal. I'd forgotten my wallet too, so he was "payment man". He was really good though, quietly following behind me, typing on my phone, as I searched through the booths I was interested in for goodies.

This is everything I got, spread out on our bed as I did before, hehe. I took advantage of the new CHA releases being present to snag some more MME Follow Your Heart papers and embellishments because I'd been using them so much. I also got some of the Queen & Co. washi, cos it's pretty and it's nice to be able to use a ton of something on a project without worrying about using it all up. Mostly what I picked up though was flowers. I've been using a lot of them lately, finding them fun, so I'm just going with it. I find I like these packages better than the whole "bottle of flowers you'll never use up" because, well, the likelihood that you'll use them up is higher. As I said, I used up all the package I bought at the Anaheim Expo, so I needed more. I *did* get two bottles, but they're various colours in the one bottle, and pure white in the other, easy to colour with my Copics to suit my project.
I also got this really cool little tin of embellishments. One place had a lot of bins that you could pick and choose what kind of bling and bits you wanted. I filled a $4 tin to the bursting point so that when I use the new flowers that I got (the ones that don't have centres) and the flowers I already have (none of which have centres) I can put a little crystal in the centre and have it look more "finished". Yay.

This here is my embellishment drawer. With all the new embellishments I bought I had to shuffle things around in the drawer. Look how full it is! And it's so great because I spent the whole of Sunday using a lot of the MME embellishments and a few of the bottled flowers on the scrapbook pages I posted previous. I like when I bring new stuff in and then get to use it right away.
 I also got to see this on our trip.
And do this. (socks cos I really don't like sand between my toes) I'd been wanting to go to the beach and Mike found a cool tide pool beach for us to visit. We even got to see sea lions. I wish I'd brought my swim suit, because there were people out swimming with them, and it would have been awesome.