10 October, 2012

Halloween Goodies

The good thing about travelling is that you get to visit new scrap stores. I asked on 2Peas where we should go in Phoenix and they came back with a store called Scrapbooks Etc. The best thing about this store? It's a duel scrapbook and quilting store!!!! I HAD to go!
 First I hit up the fabric area and picked up these. The two layer cakes in the back are great because, really, there's no cutting required. I can just take those blocks, sew them together, give them a border, and that's quilt done! The littler packs will require just a bit more work, but it's still simple. Plus, with all that Halloween loveliness, I don't really care how long it takes!
 Then I went through all the scrapbook goodness they had there. I picked up some older papers, some new papers, some clearance stuff, just a mix of everything. I'm super happy with that trip!
The next day we did a bit of shopping, some eating, and I hit up Michael's. They had all their Halloween stuff on 60% off, so I got a few more things to decorate with. I got those neat new boxes to put stuff in on my desk, LOVE it! I got a stamp set, some stuff to make my own wreaths with, a few glass jars, some ribbon and embellishments, and a few ornaments. 


  1. New stash is always exciting! But I like to stay away from scrapbooking stores (really?) to stay away from temptation!!! Patsy from

  2. Wow looks like you had fun shopping at the scrap stores, all of your goodies look fantastic....
    What kind of dog do you have? He's so cute...
    Have a great week..

    Maria #7

    1. Thank you, Maria! Sirius is a medical alert dog and he's a Pomeranian.

  3. I love traveling just so I can visit new stores. I found a great one in Canada that I hit every time I visit my dad.

  4. I am green with envy! Love all the awesome goodies you got on your trip! Love the bright Halloween Colors! Wonder why they had every thing 60% off at Michaels. The one here in town is still getting in new stuff! Yaya a good find for sure. Have fun playing with the new goodies. Vickie #41

  5. Love the jars of brew and such. And I like that you're showing the real thing - the mess you leave after you've picked out stuff to take with you..I do the same and always think it'll only take a couple of minutes to sort out when I get home. Wrong! Hope you're enjoying the Sierras.

  6. Just look at all those button jars, how lovely. I've had a terrible time sourcing Halloween stuff in the UK. The craft shops don't want to know. Happy woyww.
    Joanne x

  7. I love visiting craft stores when I travel too! Enjoy your new goodies!

  8. I love finding new stores. :-) You got yourself quite a stash of Halloween goodies. I see even on the small TV you are watching Hocus Pocus. Brigita #113

  9. Always fun to have new things to play with!! Enjoy!

  10. Looks like a successful shopping trip, have fun with the new goodies :)

  11. Happy WOYWW. Great shopping trip. Wish we had a Michaels in the UK. Ali x #67

  12. Looks like you have lots of goodies to play with.

  13. Wow such exciting new stash! Have lots of fun playing... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  14. Sounds like a fun trip...always made better by great shopping!
    Hope you are now enjoying your new trip!


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