18 February, 2013

Archiver's is a Wonderland

Since I've had my blog on automatic posts, you may not have noticed, but I've been away from Jan 25 to Feb 16th. We drove to PA from CA, then from PA to SC, down to FL and back, and then from SC to AZ to CA during that time. We saw a lot of places and ate a lot of new places, but one of the momentous (craft related) things that happened during that time was we visited my very first Archiver's store in Marietta, GA. I'd gotten to see the DOOR of an Archiver's in 2010, but we'd arrived too early. So early in fact that they wouldn't have opened for three hours, and we couldn't hang around, so I had to just leave. This time, however, the timing was perfect.

This here, pretty much, all came from Archiver's. YAY! It was so awesome there, I swear. That stack of paper in the back is an inch thick I think It's made up of new stuff from Amy Tan, Dear Lizzy, Studio Calico, stuff like that that I've been following from the CHA sneaks. Got some stamps too that will work really well on cards and stuch, and some little wood veneers. I picked up the Harry Potter themed kit to go with the photos we took in Universal of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I figured it was best to just go themey with that, since the place really was completely themed. The only things not from Archiver's were the flowers and frames from Michael's in PA. And the Disney album in Disney World. I wanted that to say "Disney World" instead of "Disneyland" like if I'd gotten one locally.

Well, thought I'd give you a peek at what's hanging out on my desk right now. Off to craft~!