25 February, 2013

Studio Monday: Layout Reorganisation

This picture was taken halfway through this process.
 Yesterday I got the organising hair up my butt and decided that all of my layouts needed to be organised by year. I don't know if anyone reading has ever done this, but it's a REALLY stupid idea unless you feel like sitting on the floor for hours hoping you've dated everything you've ever made. 

Anyway, I don't store my layouts in books because... well, I don't like them much, and they're hard to store because I don't have bookshelves. Iris boxes are colourful, easy to buy cheaply, certainly quite big, and (if closed properly) completely dust resistant - which is a HUGE selling point in this dusty house. I also store my cards  in these boxes for the same reasons. 

Sitting among my mess I devised a plan. There would  be boxes labelled by year, going back as far as I'd found layouts for (which ended up being 2007, with one 2002 exception). Any layout containing photos from that year would go in that box, regardless of when the layout was made. Scrapping non-chronologically but STORING chronologically would insure against everything looking "matchy" as I enjoyed working with the same new products on several layouts. Cards would also be sorted by cards, but also by theme, Halloween and Christmas being segregated into their own boxes while general cards remained a mish mash, but placed together so their bumpy things like flowers did not get crushed by other cards.
 This is the stack of years I ended up with. Each box is organised so that the layouts are in order from January at the top all the way through to December at the bottom. Essentially in looking through the box you'll be looking at a year's worth of our lives. Some boxes are more empty than others. I'm missing layouts and I have the distinct thought that they're packed away in the shed. Rest assured if I DO find layouts, or if I make new ones for these years (07-12), they'll be filed away quickly in these boxes and KEPT organised. This stack resides on a shelf in my kitchen. That's my Foodsaver on the shelf below....
These boxes are on the floor in my kitchen (see bag of dog food at left). From bottom to top is: coloured cardstock (I never use it anymore), a box completely full of cards, mis unfinished mini albums (I HATE mini albums and never finish them), the Christmas cads box, the Halloween cards box, two boxes of "purged" product that needs to find a home, the clear one holds layouts I have to cross-check dates on, and the top green one is empty. It has a sheet of paper in it that I'm going to use on the next PL layout I do. 

I basically ended with just TWO empty boxes after all of this instead of the stack of six I took into the bedroom with me. And I feel good about this set up. The years are easy to get to, if a bit cumbersome to add to 2007 (what with having to move the other boxes on top of it). And the other stack is really good. I'll only need to get to the seasons boxes once a year (unless I go all crazy and make a Halloween themed project in March or something) and with it so easy to get to I MAY dip into my purged product at some point. 

I hope you found this helpful and interesting in some way; thanks for reading!


  1. Well done in finishing your re-organisation. Exhausting, but so worth it. Ali x

  2. Wow - that had to be a lot of work! I'm glad you found something that works well for you. Thanks for showing us your system. Maria


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