13 March, 2013

Card - MiC DT: Combining Copics and Coloured Pencils Tutorial

MiC Tutorial Final copy  
Hello there everyone! This is my first MiC tutorial, so I hope you like it. I've combined the step by step images so that you can clearly see the image progression, I hope that works for you. I've only done one or two other tutorials so I'm really flying by the seat of my pants here. Anyway, this tutorial, as the title says, is about combining coloured pencils with your Copics. Maybe you don't have the full set of Copics to give you that large range or colours. Or you have a set of slightly unloved pencils you'd love to get more use out of. Well, combining markers and pencils is a real great way to utilize both of those tools. You can add a lot of depth to your marker coloured images with the addition of pencils.
Copic Skin copy
Pencil Skin copy
Next you want to move on to the hair. You COULD do the hair first, it *is* my favourite part... and if it's difficult for you perhaps starting with the hair will mean being able to practise without spending all that time on your skin techniques. But, for this image, I did the hair second. ;)

Hair Proper copy
Hair Blended copy 
Pencil Cloth copy
Well, that's it! I hope you liked my tutorial and found it useful! All of these photos are available at www.aerynkelly.com under the "tutorial" tab as well as my other tutorials I have done. And remember, even if you don't have Copics, give this technique a try. It will work with ANY brand markers and ANY brand pencils you may have; all you need is imagination. I also encourage you to pin these images and spread the love!
Make it Crafty Stamp: Rosabelle
Copic Colours:
Skin: E4/11/21/00, YR000, RV93
Hair: E79/27/23
Dress: G29/17/03, C3/1
Pencils: Faber-Castell Polychromos


  1. Fabulous tutorial...You are such a colouring master!

  2. A great tutorial! Very clear and a true invitations to pick up my markers and colour:-) which I did. Your colouring is amazing^-^ Thank you!

  3. Aeryn - I've used colored pencils over my copic colored images for awhile now, and love the way they "finish" the look ... I just came across this link, and even with what I think I might know, you gave much more information that is very helpful ... Going in search now, but have you done any video tutorials? Thank you for this, it is incredibly helpful

    1. Hiya, Collette!
      Yes, I've done two videos, but no tutorials like this. I have been thinking about making something, but I haven't really gotten the time/ability as of yet. I hope you'll become a follower so you'll be able to get updates and I hope you forgive the lateness of my reply. I didn't see your comment as it was "filtered" by the website.


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