10 July, 2013

More Colours!

It was my 30th birthday on June 24th and Mike decided to spoil me! After a friend came over and showed me her stash of Distress Inks, Stains, and a bit about how to use them I definitely wanted some of my own. Joann's had each of these pads for $2.50 so at least Mike's consolation is that this package wasn't super expensive cos I've heard the pads can be up to $6.
Tuesday was as big delivery day. I also got a package from Art Supply Warehouse. They're "local" (3 hours away) but they managed to get this package to me in a day without me having to drive to them, which I appreciate. So does Mike. I got my Copic refills that I've been needing SO badly and Mike said to include this incredible set of Derwent 72 Inktense pencils. I was going to wait until next month, when Mike gets a bit of extra money, but he said go ahead and who am I to argue against new toys?! And I can tell you, these pencils are insane. I love them already and I've only had them just a few hours! The colour is... well, Inktense. LOL!
These new things make me super happy as I'm starting to dip my toes into being a "real" artist instead of a colourist. I've wanted to learn to draw my whole life, but I've always just S.U.C.K.E.D. at it. Ah well. Since November though I've been trying my hardest and I drew my previous icon. I got bored with it though, and started wanting to draw a new me. I managed to make this gal here, among a few other sketches, just a couple days ago. You may have noticed my icon changed. She's the new me until I get bored and draw another, lol! Now that I've got these new pencils I might try giving the next gal a watercolour background!

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