31 August, 2013

Card: Dragon Love

Tiddly Inks had a sale on the 15th during their new release, I mentioned it before. Since it included dragons, I snapped them up! I made this scene at the same time I printed out the mermaid that eventually became Koi Mermaid, but I hadn't gotten to them yet. I figured it was time, and sat down to put colour to these little guys. I couldn't think of something cute to say about them card-wise, and didn't want to compete with their colour, so I kept the embellishments and paper dark. I think it worked out.

Digi Stamp: Tiddly Inks (Hello Pet and Treasured Friend)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Patterned Paper: My Mind's Eye (Halloween)
Make it Crafty chipboard corners
Doodlebug pearls
Copic Colours
Red: R89/56/29/14/08
Yellow: Yr16, Y38/19/13/11/04/00
Green: BG49, G28/19/05/02
Grass: G28, YG99/95, T7, W4
Egg: E81/50/43/41
 (Though I cite two sets with dragons, I only bought Treasured Friend. The dragon from Hello Pet had been included, perhaps as an accident.)

30 August, 2013

Scrapbook Layouts: Currently

Just a random layout I made with some of my new paper. The cool thing was I found the perfect heart die cut from Dear Lizzy 5th&Frolic with the same pattern. Very trippy. Mostly the journalling is just random stuff going on right now.
Paper: My Mind's Eye (Cut and Paste)
Die Cuts: AC Dear Lizzy (5th&Frolic) Pink Paislee
My Mind's Eye enamel dots
Freckled Fawn enamel star
Freckled Fawn camera paperclip

29 August, 2013

Card: Chill Out Mae

This is another image I rescued from my pre-printed image box. It was coloured last year at some point. Again with the crummy colour work. I touched it up with my pencils as best I could. And though I had absolutely no clue as to what direction I should go when I was making this card, I like how it came out. I really like how the hearts ended up with the little pattern on them. I'm not so sure about the neon enamel dots, they look better in real life though.

Digi Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Beach Mae)
Cardstock: Bazzil Simply Smooth, Papertrey Ink
Patterned Paper: Echo Park
Martha Stewart heart punch
Freckled Fawn enamel dots
Doodlebug pearls
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120
Copic Markers

28 August, 2013

Card: Hello Cowgirl

This is another of the "lost" images that I found already coloured. I think I did her around Christmas last year. I bring my box of images to my parents' house for a little escape during the visit. Not that they're not great, but sometimes you just need time to yourself; or I wake up super early in the morning and no one is up yet. Colouring is quiet. For the card I was surprised at how well the colours of the Dear Lizzy paper worked out. This was truly just me grabbing bits of paper and seeing if they worked. I had no direction whatsoever when making this. But I think it turned out okay. Matting seems to make everything better. Trying to conserve enamel dots, I went with rhinestones instead.
Anyhow, this was done on the crappy paper and so her skin was blotchy and her hair was bad so I had to touch her up with pencils. You can still see the mess the Copics left underneath, but it's more visually interesting now with the pencils in there. I didn't notice until afterwards that there's cat fur on the image either. Ooops! Cats!

Digi Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Cowgirl Mae)
Cardstock: Bazzil Simply Smooth, Recollections Kraft
Patterned Papers: AC Dear Lizzy (5th & Frolic)
AC Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic sticker
Random metal charm "love"
Faber-Castell Polychromos
Copic Colours
Skin: E21/00 ((shrug))
Hair: Y28/26
Outfit: T9/7, E39/37,35

26 August, 2013

Card: Surf, Sand, And Sun

I coloured this guy over a year ago; I can tell cos he's on the shit paper and he's all shiny and crappy. BUT he was technically coloured and I wanted to get him on a card so I could officially call him "used" an not just hoarded. I had a REALLY hard time not adding commas to "surf, sand, and sun" but I didn't want to wreck the paper.

Digi Stamp: Tickled Pink (Lil Lad Stephan)
Cardstock: Bazzil Simply Smooth
Patterned Paper: Echo Park
My Mind's Eye enamel dots
Copic Colours
Skin: E04/11/51/50
Hair: (no idea - E29 probably)
Outfit: YG99/97/95, B93 (probably)
Surf Board: R29/27/24, C2/0

25 August, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: I Wish You Could Know Him

This is kind of an emotional page. My Nana is the reason I got a Pomeranian; she had them all while I was growing up and I always wanted one. She lived long enough to see him just barely get his Service Dog coat, but not to know the full depth to which he helps me, or to get to know *him* as we were not able to visit at all during the year we got him and he was growing up. I truly wish Nana could have known Sirius, what an amazing dog he is, and how very important he has become to me. I credit her with instilling in me a love for this amazing breed. I know she would have loved him.

21 August, 2013

Studio Monday: Project "Purge Pile"

This is my purge pile (except the one labelled "patterned paper"). It has sat around for months, or even years now. I separated my paper to see if I was well and truly done with what was in there, and all I did was ignore it, so obviously I was bored with the paper. But I don't have anyone to purge to, so this paper would just have to go in the trash if I can't figure out something to do with it.

Then I came up with the idea to cut everything down to 6x6 and then maybe I will use it on cards. My 6x6 paper is stored in a separate bin from my 12x12 paper, so that'd help too by not adding all of this crap back into the regular rotation. Since I needed a big place to do this I plopped myself down in front of the TV in the living room, got my trimmer, and got to work. This picture was taken at 11am.
At 12pm I had this. One purge box emptied and cut down to 6x6. The scraps too small to do that were just tossed to the side and made a SUPER mess. By 14:00 I had decided that instead of having that huge mess, I should try and cut down the paper even smaller, into 3x4 cards, to get maximum use out of the scraps.
By 15:30 I was finished with that and had two boxes emptied, a big stack of 6x6, and a decent stack of 3x4 as well. I had also found some lines that might be able to be given new life in the 6x6 format as a set instead of organised by colour, those are separated out in the purple bin's lid. The main part of that bin is used for sticker sheets, shaped paper, and two kits that I found. I had won them at an Expo and never really liked them enough to bother opening them. This photo was taken at 17:00.
At 23:00 I was ready to move on to the paper in my Cropper Hoppers from my paper cart. I had taken a break to eat dinner and watch a movie with Mike. The break had really been needed as all this sitting on the floor was really taking a toll on me physically. My back was killing me and I basically spent the entire day popping pain killers. They didn't work in the slightest, but I wanted to just get this job done so I wouldn't have to think about it any more. It was somewhere around my third movie, about 12am, that I decided though it would slow me down I would have to continue my cutting on my tummy. My back just could not take the sitting any more. My cutting was slower, but a lot less painful after that.
02:00 and I finally finished, just as the movie I was watching ended. You can see how huge the stack of 6x6 papers got, and I knew I'd need that second bin to hold them. You can also see the little themed piles I separated out. Halloween, Fall, and Christmas, to see if I could give them new life as exclusively paper for cards. They just wouldn't look right mixed in with everything and I didn't want to give up on all of them yet since the two on the right are some of my favourites from years past. In the end the scraps and cutoffs filled that entire Iris container. That part is going in the trash.
Here was my project for today: to take that huge stack of 6x6 and sort it into the bins by colour. At least this job could be done on my desk and actually went pretty quickly. I'm surprised the whole rainbow fit into one container like that, and there is a TON of pink because while I end up with it sometimes, I just don't enjoy using it. We'll see if I can change that, at least on cards.

As far as the paper that I scrapbook layouts with, I'm down to 17 lines, including the ones that I just got from my recent 2Peas order (picture below). I don't like having too much paper on hand, so this is good. I don't count the 6x6 papers as part of my stash since they're only for cards and most all of it is rejected paper anyway. If I can use it, fine, if I can't it's going out one way or another. But right now the 12x12 stuff is new and decently exciting, so I'm going to do my best to use it up completely so it doesn't have to live in these bins here.

20 August, 2013

Scrapbook Layouts: Service Dog Focus

I'm actually pretty proud of myself for this one cos I managed to mix paper lines for it. Only the orange and blue are from the same line, the brown is from another, as is the yellow. Of course, they're all Echo Park papers, so I wasn't that adventurous. I used Gelatos to colour the chipboard and fabric pieces, and I played with some enamel dots too. This is the third of the three layouts I made on Saturday with my new order of supplies.

19 August, 2013

Scrapbook Layouts: Today is a Gift

Another layout with my new papers and embellishments. I found the card in my papers, on the back of one of the papers I bought for the *front*, but the sentiment kind of worked. It really *is* a gift that I have Sirius and the freedom he provides me with. Suddenly I'm not watching a movie alone, I'm chilling with my buddy. This might have a bit too much pink on it for being a boy layout, but I don't really hear Sirius complaining and black *does* go with everything.

18 August, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Companion and a "Haul"

I got new paper! 2Peas a few weeks ago had a sale where everything in the store was 20% off AND the free shipping still worked. Sometimes they do that and then take away free shipping, immediately making me uninterested. But this time I had to jump on it. I haven't had new paper since I went to Archiver's in February. Yeah. So I went and cherry picked from the mid-season releases, picking up 8 lines worth. The max was 10 papers from a line and the average is 5 pieces. It was a 5/8 of an inch stack of paper and I was surprised! I quickly sorted it all by line and put it in my Cropper Hopper Page Planner envelopes, but I haven't filed it away yet.
Though I'm really bad at buying and using embellishments I managed to pick up these few things. I can always seem to use enamel dots, or tiny things like wood veneers on both scrapbook layouts and cards so I figured those were a good buy. The stickers are colour-able so they should work for lots of stuff. The Gelatos I threw in to push me into the free shipping cos some of the stuff was on clearance and didn't count. But I don't have any of the colours so that helped and I can colour the stickers with them so that works. My total order was $60, which isn't bad at all for my "once a year" 2Peas order.
The kind of person I am is I'm very influenced by the new. I get super excited and want to use the new right away and that is something I definitely had to take advantage of. Having a Selphy really helps with that cos these photos are from like two weeks ago. No sending away to be able to use my new stuff. I picked out the paper I'd bought from Carta Bella called "Hello Again". I only have a few pieces of their Halloween paper, so I didn't know that they make such thick, textured paper all the time, but I really like it. This layout is completely stolen from here. I think that helped me do this as I finished it in 30 minutes. It's also an answer to the Create a Day August in the 2Peas forum. I'm obviously behind, but I've been inundated with card projects and I actually wanted to *scrapbook* for this challenge so I'm playing catch-up.

16 August, 2013

Card: Autumn Fun With Tobie

A friend of mine guesting on the Dreamweaver stencils DT and her prize package inspired me to break out the stencils that I got in TWENTY-ELEVEN at the Copic retreat I went to. Yeah, I bought them, slight discount, and never used them. ((head/desk)) I tried this idea with my Distress Inks, but they don't like the embossing paste *at all*, nor does the embossing paste like my shitty paper from Michael's. Ugh. So I had to try again and I used alcohol inks instead, since knew the Copic airbrush works, but I was too damned lazy to break out my airbrush. I probably should have though, cos those alcohol inks are HARSH on the breathing. Anyway, then I paired the scene with some punched grass, Puppy Tobie the digi, and some pumpkins. I attempted to make a speed colouring video for Tobie, that's why he looks like crap, but I  accidentally pulled the image off frame or way to the bottom right of the frame so it's not really something you want to watch. I'll try again. I hope everyone likes this, and also, it *needs* to be Fall already.

Digi Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Puppy Tobie)
Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Fall Friends)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Patterned Paper: Bo Bunny, Prima
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Dreamweaver Stencil
Dreamweaver Embossing Paste
Adirondak Ink
Copic Colours
Skin: E11/21/00, YR000
Hair: Y28, YR27
Outfit: B99/97/95/93, C7/5, E39/37/35/33, R83/81
Pumpkins: YR27/24/21, Y18

15 August, 2013

Card - MiC DT: Sea You Soon, Cordelia

Hello, everyone, Aeryn here! Today I have a special card for you using Cordelia the Mermaid. She's one of my faves in the store and I hope you can see why. Isn't she lovely? I had her sitting on my desk for a few days, letting me mull over just how I wanted to colour her up to best show off her features, when I woke up and said "black and green!" I know what you're thinking "black and green? that's crazy talk!" But if one has to learn anything in this creative game it's to always try something NEW! I'd never done or seen a black mermaid, let alone one with green skin, but there you have it. Cordelia was just the girl to try it on. I wanted to mix a bit of purple in with the black, just to keep it more feminine, but to also evoke sort of an Ursula the Sea Witch feeling to her. I have no idea why... but I think it worked and that's the important part. Once I got Cordelia coloured up I coloured around her with my Derwent Inktense pencils, took a water pen to the pencil work, and set to making her a card.
I really hope you like her!
Stay crafty!
Copic Colours Used:
Skin: G43/20, YG11, R20
Tail/Hair:  T10, BV29/25/23/20, V28/25

13 August, 2013

Card: I See U

I'm on a mission to use all of my digi stamps, this is number one on my mission! Because, yeah, a bear mooning you is important to start off with. ;)

Digi Stamp: Doodle Dragon (ISeeU)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections Kraft
Patterned Paper: Amy Tan Yes,Please
Prima flowers and butterfly
Copic Colours: RV19/17, R11/81/83/85

12 August, 2013

Card: Extraordinary Friendship

I'm still on my mermaid kick! Oh yeah! Kraftin' Kimmie had a sale last week so I picked up just a very few stamps. One set of piggies that was about to retire, a single mermaid, and then this gal that's part of a three piece mermaid set. They have their own sentiments too, but since when have I been good with sentiments? I paired the rubber stamp with digital stamps from Make it Crafty since I have their whole underwater set. I've never coloured a dolphin before! That was way fun. I put more detail in her face and hair with my coloured pencils and that's it! I was so lazy on Sunday this image sat on my desk the whole day until I finally got my butt in gear at midnight and put her on a card!

Digi Stamp: Make it Crafty (Coral Sea Floor and Dolphins Playing (I used the elements collection)
Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie (Sea Jewels)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Patterned Paper: Amy Tangerine Yes, Please
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 Set
Copic Colours
Skin: E11/21/00, YR000/0000
Hair: RV19/14/11
Tail: V09/06/05/04/01
Dolphin: N9/7/5/3/1
Water: BG11/15/72, B00/21/52/93, G00/40/21
Other: YG97, G85, R29/22/05, B26/16/04, E59/57/55/53/50

10 August, 2013

Card: I Don't DO Cute

Just a quick little card. Trying to make sure I do things "just for fun" too, and I don't overwhelm the Make it Crafty blog, lol! I have very few purple patterned papers. I think all of them are on this card actually. I need more purple patterns. An incredibly kind person over on my message board, Sue, sent me a care package and in there were those little enamel stars. I was really happy that there was just the perfect amount, and shade, of purple to include them on this card. I printed out the sentiment myself from Word. I'm trying to improve my card making and my friend, Jenn, said that layers are key, so I'm trying. I hope you like it! 

Digi Stamp: C.C. Designs (Lil Lolita Baby Lilith)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Freckled Fawn Enamel Stars
Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set
Copic Colours
Skin: E11/21/00, YR00, BV20
Hair: 100, T9/7/5/2
Outfit: V1/4/9/17/15/12

02 August, 2013

Card - MiC DT: A Wonderfully Colourful Tutorial

Welcome back to Aeryn's Creative Explosion during this Make it Crafty Wonderland celebration. I hope you've been enjoying your hopping and all the amazing things everyone has made to show you. I have something fun to show you *here* and I hope you'll like it!

Hopefully you came here from Diana, but if not, you can see where you left off back at Zoe's.
For something as colourful and imaginative as Alice in Wonderland I thought I'd come up with a tutorial to match it. I've had a lot of requests and interest in how I colour my images with rainbow hair, so I figured I'd show you! Here's a step-by-step tutorial that will hopefully help you make some awesome colourful images of your own. Don't forget, you can Pin the whole thing and share it with your friends!

Now you're on to see what the wonderful Lizzie has in store for you!

Card - MiC DT: Cards in Wonderland!

Hello, everyone and welcome to Aeryn's Creative Explosion! Today we are celebrating not only the HUGE release of Make it Crafty's new Alice in Wonderland line, but Make it Crafty is turning THREE! I discovered this wonderful company in 2011, so I missed some of it, but I'm so grateful to have been enjoying this company since then and to be a full part of the celebration now as part of the Design Team. 

We're hopping chairs from place to place today to enjoy all the wonderful things that everyone has created. Keep your eyes open for hidden words in posts that you'll need to collect along the way and string together to form a quote from the Alice in Wonderland book. Enter the quote at the end of the hop to be entered for a chance to win the Alice in Wonderland collection! (All info is available on the main blog so don't just go by me!)

Hopefully you've come here from enjoying Kasey's creations, but if you've missed a chair or two you might want to start back at the beginning at Zoe's blog.

For my part in this celebration I've created four cards for you. I really tried to get into the spirit of the book as well as my happy memories of the Disney and Tim Burton movies for my creations.
I hope you really like my projects and I've inspired you to get into the spirit of that magical land that Alice visits.

The fun doesn't stop here with me, Delphine I'm sure has something FANTASTIC for you to check out, so MOVE DOWN, move down, move down on to her blog!