13 October, 2014

2014 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. I know I haven't been creating much lately, having more fun gaming, but I promised my friends from the message board that I'd join them. I haven't been in a shopping mood, I've been absent from the message board (and I keep getting PMs to come back...), so I thought I'd show. Little did I know Mike would decide Friday night that he wanted to go to the Eastern Sierras! Since I'd have to cancel plans he figured I could go as long as we made sure to book out of there at 12pm. I had to drive us down there, since he worked two straight weeks without a day off and was tired, then Sirius and I met up with Jeanne and got to shopping.

Since I didn't actually need anything, and was only looking for the latest release of Lawn Fawn stamps, mostly we just wandered. The gamer paper pack, the 6x6 and 3x4 pack, and the stickers in the front were from a booth called Part Time Sally. I dunno what's up with stupid names for scrapbook companies, but they had newer stuff and nice discounts. I had 3 times that picked out, but I put the rest back. I got three little punches from another place, little leaves, because I have tiny tree stamps, but don't want to cut out tiny things. I found another place that had a new line from Amy Tan, stitched hearts and whatnot. Cost me just a few dollars so that was nice. As Jeanne was talking to a friend of hers from a stamp company I noticed that Echo Park was at this Expo. Same deal as Anaheim with three packs of paper for $7. I was distracted because I saw they actually had Chillingsworth Manor this time and they were sold out in Anaheim. For my other two packs I just got plain "distressed" paper since I don't much like cardstock and I figured it'd be good for layering. I also got a few more packs of the super cheap divided page protectors. I gotta say though, this has to be the least I've ever spent at an Expo. Barely $60. But then, yeah, I wasn't really feeling the shopping thing and I didn't have a whole lot of time there to wander and be enabled by the gals either.
Had a great time. Dunno if I'll be making it to the Anaheim Expo, but if I'm around I'll definitely be meeting up with these ladies again!

30 June, 2014

2014 San Deigo Scrapbook Expo

Hello, all! So sorry I missed Project Life Sunday, but we were out rather late on Saturday and Mike has been rebuilding my computer all week so it's been a bit of a struggle. This week, instead of Studio Monday, I bring you a view from the San Diego Scrapbook Expo. The last time I went was in 2012 (you can see that adventure here) and I thought that since it fell so close to my birthday (within the same week at least) this year that it might be fun to pop on over and see if there was anything interesting. Mike was game; took very little convincing actually since his work friend recently moved there and beaches are nice. It was in a different location than the one we'd been to before, this time it was located in Hotel Row or whatever they want to call it. It's near Sea World and has a TON of hotels there. It's a good thing we arrived early, at 9am when they opened, because the parking at this location was atrocious. It fit the space better though. Instead of a huge space that they couldn't fill with only a few vendors in attendance they filled the room up and made it look more populated; though still quite lot smaller than the Anaheim Expo as usual.
I'm happy to say that I found some really good deals this time around. Tall Mouse was the best. I'd gone in telling Mike that I wanted to find the Doodlebug sequins, since I need more, and consistent, colours for my art canvases. We get to the Tall Mouse booth however and they have the entire rainbow of sequins for 50 cents a package. They also had some interesting texture fabrics, some fabric/wire butterflies, and some empty spray bottles for a dollar or less each. When we went to check out it was $19 and she said if I got one more dollar I could get 2 free sequin packages and those little glitter Mickey heads as well as a Mickey tote (like a fabric grocery bag) so I did happily got some duplicate sequins. I got 8 bottles of Queen and Co branded glitter glue since they were a dollar and another booth had Stickles for $1.50 if you bought 8 or more. Now I won't have to worry that I'm running out when I use them on my canvases.

I got some 12x12 paper, mostly Simple Stories, and got a deal on the three 6x6 pads 3 for $10. I focused on getting paper that's good for backgrounds since I have so many nice patterns, but not enough backgrounds to layer them on. I also got a plastic painting palette, several water brushes to fill with mist ink, and Lawn Fawn's new releases. They were $15 each, but one was free, so that made the savings pretty good.

Well, that's my haul. Mostly art canvas stuff and basic tools this time around, but I think those are the best purchases, you know? And with such discounts I'm really happy that we went.

04 June, 2014

Mixed Media: Take Me Away

After making the video on how to make the mixed media canvas backgrounds that I do, I had three, count them *three*, of the same canvas. I had made one for myself, then the first video got ruined, and then I had to make the last video. Yeesh! Well, this is the first idea I had to use up the canvases. I like to play with contrasts so this was perfect *and* it used up a lot of the supplies from the last project. I added a lot more to this one, including coloured stickles and sequins, just to add more texture. I hope you like it! This was just as fun to make as the first one. It's 9x12" though, so it's smaller. It still took me 17 hours to make though. These things take a surprisingly large amount of work!

And a special happy thing, my very first, this piece sold for $100!

Prima flowers
Enamel dots
Dylusions Ink sprays
Glossy Accents

26 May, 2014

Studio Monday: Bring On The Wonder

Today, for Studio Monday, I'm happy to present my latest mixed media canvas called "Bring on the Wonder". It's so bright and fun, I am really happy with how it came out. I've also gotten a wonderful response by the lovely people that "like" my Facebook page, I'm overwhelmed, truly. I can't thank everyone enough for commenting. This was just an experimentation, a need for something rainbow in my space, and it turned out prettier than I hoped.

Several of the responses I got asked how I made the piece and for a step-by-step. While I didn't take a ton of pictures during the making of this (and a few got deleted), I have some to share with you today.
This first photo is something I took when I was asked to share a "peek" of what I was working on when I spoke of a rainbow canvas a month or so back. This canvas is 12x15 inches and getting a rainbow blend was a *lot* of trial and error. There are several watercolour paper sheets that I just plain threw out because they didn't work out. In this picture, the canvas is in the process of drying. When it dried, I went after it with water. I misted, I dripped, I just plain threw water at it.
This is after I the water dried and I finally thought of a direction or idea for the canvas. I went online, searched out free butterfly clipart, and printed out several sizes and variations. I was auditioning how I wanted the butterflies to fly and what size I wanted them. Once I'd coloured many, many of them I also auditioned, in this manner, how I wanted the colours to flow. Originally I had the colourway following the background. Then I had the rainbow going down from the top, but finally decided on the rainbow flying upwards so that the colours of the butterflies would match up with their complimentary colours in the background.
Originally I started colouring the butterflies with my Copics, but that was desperately and intensely boring. I mean, mind numbing to the point where I just kept putting it off. Now, I think, it was so hard because I was going in the wrong direction. I got the idea that I would use my Derwent Inktense pencils instead and it when like lightning. The video game that Mike and I are into got an update on Thursday and kinda broke for a while, so we didn't play. I got all the butterflies coloured and re-coloured just in that day because the game was off, lol!
This is the stage where I went through and added more Stickles than ever known to God and man. I mean, this thing is SO shiny its ridiculous! I don't know if I was covering up the black of the butterflies not printing great, or trying to add interest to the butterflies, but it seems to have worked out. I used the large Ice Stickles for the butterfly bodies and then tried to coordinate the colour of the butterflies with Stickle colour. I didn't have the proper blue, so those butterflies just have very light blue on them. This stage took a while, and then it was a matter of making sure not to touch it for a long, long while.
And the final photo for you is the piece up on my wall. I put it over to the right because I'm developing a companion piece for this. I just don't have the proper size canvas on hand.

I hope you enjoyed this canvas, the little peek at how I made it, and this edition of Studio Monday. Thank you for coming, and I look forward to seeing you again!

Supply List for this Piece:
12x16 gesso treated, stretched canvas
Dylusions Ink sprays
Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils
Copic Markers
Stickles/Ice Stickles
Cameo cut silver paper
Prima flowers/butterflies
Clip art on Copic paper
Glossy Accents

05 May, 2014

Studio Monday: Homemade Perler Bead Dots

Welcome to another Studio Monday! Yes, I've jumped on the "Perler beads to enamel dots" train, but a little more carefully than others seem to be taking it. I'd never want to melt plastic in my conventional oven because of the dangers of chemicals in the air and chemicals getting in my FOOD. I'd rather not kill us just for some cheap dots. Instead, since I already needed a non-food toaster oven to cook Sculpey clay figures in, I thought I'd try the enamel dots as well.
I bought one of those big tubs for a few dollars at Michael's, arranged them on a piece of a Tim Holtz non-stick mat, and set them in the toaster oven outside on my deck. Since, even in a portable oven, there's risk of fumes I'm only going to cook non-food items outside.
This is a picture of my second batch after I made a test batch. The test batch came out just fine too, but I figured I'd show you this since it shows how many dots I can do at a time. I can get even more than this actually, too, so it's a lot. For my Black and Decker, $29 model that I got at Wal-Mart the setting 300* for 40 minutes works perfectly. I do them in batches of light and dark dots. I didn't really see a difference in cooking time for the daker ones, or for the clear/glittered beads. They all melted well at this temperature and setting. I am at 7,000ft elevation too, so I'm sure that affects cooking time.
This shot isn't as helpful as I'd like, but this is my batch of half dots. I cut the beads in half with my scissors and cooked them at the same time and heat. As you can see, on a few of them, they melted a little wonky since they were cut a little wonky. I'll be more careful next time. The half dots DO end up smaller though, so that's nice to have various sizes.
I had to get a box to contain them, of course, so I picked up a $2 embroidery floss box and separated them by colour. I love this sight. so much pretty. If you've seen my projects lately, you know I've been using them too, which is always good. Make, use, repeat. I use Glossy Accents to attach them to my projects and that seems to work nicely. There's a crapton more dots in my big 11,000 bin so I will be able to make more dots to fill this up and then some, lol!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Studio Monday and will come back to see how I use up these pretty little dots!

26 April, 2014

Card: Love Life Skyward

Heya, everyone. I'm dealing with yet more health issues. We went to the doctors on Thursday and even they don't know what's wrong with me. Could be allergies, could be another lung infection, could be I'm just dying. They did tests, so we'll see what happens in the next week or so. Until then, sleep will be at a premium and I'm on a TON of meds.

I coloured this image around Monday, but wasn't able to get her onto a card. Today I went through my 6x6 papers and found these papers which almost completely match the colours I chose. Pretty cool, right? Then, keeping in mind that I have too many flowers, I figured they'd be the perfect embellishment. I decided not to go with "naked" buttons for once and tied them up with twine, which too much longer than it was probably worth. I hope you like my card!

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (Skyward Anya)
Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn (sentiment)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Bazzil Kraft
Paper: Jillibean Soup, My Little Shoebox
Prima flowers
Copics Used
Skin: E93/11/00/50, BV25
Hair: Y26/23, E35
Outfit: E35/33/31, BG57/34/32/10, RV66/55/13

20 April, 2014

Studio Monday: Flower Fanatic

Last Monday, you'll remember, I brought you the story of how Alex came to live in my space, but I neglected to show you the bottom drawer of that lovely unit. Here's why....

In 2011 I went on a flower craze. Perhaps you were a follower then. If you weren't, suffice to say I used a lot of flowers on my cards and even some on my scrapbook pages. I got them mostly at the Scrapbook Expos because there were a lot of deals there and Prima in particular goes to sell older stock at really cheap prices.
Once upon a time I kept all the flowers in their packages and bottles and what have you. It sort of worked, but I found that those packages took up a lot of space that I just didn't have. So instead of using an entire drawer of my old Jetmax cube I ripped open all the packages, divided it into *half* and just sifted through the pile of flowers, usually finding something that might work better than others. In getting rid of the Jetmax cubes, however, this is the problem I was left to deal with. A big, huge pile of paper flowers.
As I was telling you last week, I got bins from the Dollar Tree to help me organise in the new Alex unit and they only had a few purple types of bins. I figured all of those could go on one drawer to look nicer. Then I thought, even with three bins, I could manage to organise my flowers a little neater within the drawer, keeping the new Alex unit tidy. So I chose the bins thusly: Red/orange/yellow, green/blue, purple/pink, and brown/white/black/cream. Then it was just a matter of putting on some Futurama and sorting them out.
It didn't take me as long as you might think. It was a VERY large pile of flowers, more flowers than is probably healthy for someone who isn't that huge on flowers anymore, but I think in this set up they might actually get used up more. Don't they look pretty, at least?

I hope you liked this post and you'll stick around to see if I manage to actually make a dent in this rather large stash of flowers. It took a long time to collect this many though, so I'm sure it will be more than a few months to use them up! Thanks for visiting!

Stay Crafty!

14 April, 2014

Studio Monday: Alex's Arrival

Today I have a pretty big reorganisation to show you. In fact, it's been a few weeks in the making (and those waiting for it are probably not anticipating it anymore because it's been so long...). While I was at the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo my husband Mike went to IKEA for me and picked up an Alex drawer set for my space. This is its story....
This was the space under my desk. My "footwell" if you will. My computer tower with its side off to keep it cool was accompanied by a disused Jetmax Cube holding my Copic paper and not much else important. On top of that were several Iris cases including my Christmas supplies. When I needed a snowflake wood veneer I had to have Mike go under there and get that Iris case out of there (it was on the bottom stack at the time). And then there's Gambit. She's taken to sitting on my tower in the last few months and pawing at me for attention. I also think she likes it because it's warm.
All the way on the other side of my desk were there two Jetmax cubes that I'd been using to hold up my previous desk, still stacked the way they were then. The problem with this was that all the important stuff was still in there and yet wasn't as close to hand as it had been. It was just a little scoot over with my chair, but still, annoying. Also, my chair sits higher now with this taller desk and getting to that bottom shelf where my important tools were was rather uncomfortable.

I also had a wooden shelf that Mike built me for my Mason jars several years back. It used to be mounted on the wall in my scrap closet but since the move to the kitchen it's been rather... out of place. With the bigger table it has been even more so. I thought perhaps I could replace it too. So that's four things that needed re-homing and re-organisation.
So I cooked up the idea that I could get ONE unit, the Alex unit, and replace all three of these Jetmax cubes. I mean, I hate the idea of wasted space and if we EVER GET TO FREAKIN' LEAVE THIS DAMNED TOWN it'll be less to move. Mike put it together for me in the morning and I got to work. Pulling everything apart, making a general mess of the kitchen, and sorting things I *do* use from the things that I don't. I quickly realised that I'd need some help in the form of organiser bins so we took a trip to the Dollar Tree. We had to go to the store anyway, since we needed lunch, and they're right next to each other.
The first drawer was easy. It's the main tools that I use when creating. My smaller trimmer, my ATG gun (which needs a coat of spray paint again and a sealer), my large ink pad, and assorted extra scissors, Cameo tools, and Glossy accents. It's right at the top so it's very easy to reach into or to leave open as I'm working.
The second small drawer I put shallow bins in and put my enamel dot and pearl collection in prominent place. They're used super often, I have an addiction (we all know this) and it seemed like a logical step. The far right bin has more tools in it, blender tools, corner punch, Copic Multiliners, my main Memento stamp pad and acrylic block, my pencil sharpener, stuff like that. In the far left bin I had a bit of a struggle to fill since I don't have that many little things. I settled on Heidi Swapp mistable shapes and my manilla tags that I use to play around with mixed media things.
The next drawer is the first of the larger drawers and happened to be the exact height that I needed for my mason jars. Most of them (4) have wood veneer in them. There's also one for twine and one for white flowers for misting/Copic/inking. I used this drawer for my pre-printed photos as well. If an event has multiple photos, like hundreds even (think Disney World), I send them out to be printed instead of having my Selphy do it. I also put in embellishments. I had to do a stack (top left) as well as file them (top right) because some were too tall for the drawer. I don't use a ton of embellishments like this so mostly it's mistable shapes a few old Jolees that I have specific use for, Make it Crafty chipboard, and one package of die cuts. (oh, and that's not a stamp in there, that's just a wood block acting as a separator to keep the Disney World photos apart from the regular ones. All the other dividers are for subject division)
The second to last drawer holds thin dies like Spellbinders, my embossing folders, frequently used punches, and my heat embossing tools.

There's one more drawer in this unit but I'm saving it for another Monday, so stay tuned!
Here is the Alex unit all in place. I'm slightly bothered that instead of drawer pulls it has non-sealed drawers, but I'm dealing. There's not *that much* dust in here. I'm sure my stuff will be fine. Over to the right I've re-created the Iris case tower since there's really no other way to do it, but at least it's easier to get to. My Copic refills in their Artbin sit on top.
Lastly, here's the full shot of my space as it is. It's still not fully, completely, totally, done which is why I haven't made a new tour video, but I'm getting there. Just a few bins in the Expedit to organise and the white stamp bins on the wood shelf need sorting as well. But you can see how nicely the Alex fits into the space now and how it's made things in this corner a lot easier.

There we go! Three cubes and a shelf down to one drawer unit. Yay! I hope you've enjoyed the look around my space today and I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay tuned (nearly) every Monday as I bring you more organising fun!

Stay Crafty!

09 April, 2014

Card: Fly Away With Me, Firefoot!

More fun with alcohol inks! Yes! I actually really like how this one came out. I like the sideways version of the colour, I like how it looks vaguely rainbow even though I only used three colours, and I like the speckled look that the misting of alcohol gave it. I actually put this up on my wall. I hope you like it. Have you played with alcohol inks at all? You really should, they're super fun.

Digital Stamp: Little Miss Muffet (Firefoot)
Cardstock: XPress-It,  Co'ordinations
Paper: Lawn Fawn (Hello Sunshine)
Adirondak alcohol inks
Lawn Fawn flair
Queen & Co sprinkles
Copics Used: W4/2/1/0, E97, YR27/21
And in the interest of full disclosure, I present this. THIS is what happens when you fail at making something. The mister of white paint ruined the look. I love how when I WANTED this look for snow it didn't happen, but now that I wanted a more clustered bubbly look I ended up with SNOW! Ugh! So yeah, not everything I make comes out looking good. Sometimes it's just a train wreck. If anyone in the USA actually likes this and would like this card sent to them please leave me a comment. First come, first serve.

08 April, 2014

Card: Sitting in Nature

I put this scene together weeks ago when the elements were brand new and finally got up the steam to colour her and.. OH MY GOD! What happened to her hair?! Yeah, it's a total mess. It's been a while since I've coloured anything so this is kind of a mess all around, but ah well. I got to get my colouring chops back somehow, right? It was fun to use my Copics again though.

Digital Stamp: Make it Crafty
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Make it Crafty chipboard corners
Copics Used
Skin: E93/21/11/51/50
Eyes: B37
Hair: R89, E19/E97
Outfit: V9/17/15, B95/93/91

05 April, 2014

Mixed Media: Fun With Alcohol Inks

Today I decided to just randomly play around with alcohol inks. I got some photo paper, sprayed it down with rubbing alcohol, and dripped the alcohol inks on it. I then turned it around, blew on the ink, that kind of thing. The top two seemed to make a scene so I got some silhouette stamps, a multiliner pen, and drew scenes. The bottom one was just a MESS. I mean, I don't know why I thought blue, green, and red would work in this combination, but it didn't. I had to end up using two other colours to clean it up and make it more "abstract" then I tried to blah it up. I dunno. It looks weird in real life too. You can't win them all!

(also, I'm slowly making my way back into crafting now that the new antibiotics seem to be helping. I hope to be back to posting regularly very soon. thanks for hanging in there, guys and gals!)

30 March, 2014

Card: Sunshine Bunnies

On Friday my yearly order from 2Peas arrived with the last of my CHA wants. Full of rainbow! I accidentally got the AC Summer paper *pad* instead of pack though, so I have way too much of that paper (48 instead of 24) and I'll have to think of something to do with it. I'm excited to use a crapton of stars on projects though, because I got two packages, just in case of any star emergencies.
I'm still having health issues which apparently not only kills my appetite but my creativity. This card took three days to make because I did it in stages so slow... Anyway, she's finished now! How insanely cute are these bunnies? I mean, it's ridiculous! The image is pretty tiny, but it was very fun to colour (though I forgot the drop shadows) because it was just a pleasure to look at.

Rubber Stamp: Sister Stamps
Cardstock: XPress-It, Bazzil
Paper: Lawn Fawn (Hello, Sunshine)
Copics Used
Skin: E93/50/21
Hair: 110, T7/5/2
Outfit: BG57/32, Y19/15/13/11
Bunnies: E33/31, C3/1, W7/5
Grass: YG91/67/63/23

28 March, 2014

Card: Live a Colourful Life

I coloured this a few weeks ago, just trying to be able to do something creative while I was sick. I'm still sick (but we've got lab work back and medicine is coming in the mail), but I managed to put this little card together using the new Chickaniddy paper I got at the Expo. I still hate that name, btw, so hard to remember/spell. SMH. Anyway, I coloured this image with a dreamy quality so I thought the paper matched pretty well. I used some gems that, IRL, are more light grey than the light makes them look so it matched the light grey in the paper.

Digital Stamp: Make it Crafty (Victoria)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Chickaniddy (Twirly Girl)
Copics Used
Skin: E93/50/21/11/00
Eyes: G19/03
Hair: E97/33 Y32
Outfit: RV32/23/21/000

26 March, 2014

Card: To Be Free

Just a little interlude. I'm only able to sleep in 2 hour increments at most and that's making me pretty tripped out. This is To Be Free or Free To Be, it's up to your interpretation. Mostly I was super tired, trying to keep myself up, and I wanted to add colour to something. The new, smaller, circular Distress Ink tool is pretty awesome in that it helps those of us that refuse to go slow to not make those stupid lines of ink in our projects. You still have to be a bit careful, but this was a lot easier to make than it would have been with the bigger tool. I added multiliner to the stamped images to make them more sketchy and not so clean.

Clear Stamps: Lawn Fawn
Distress Inks: Fired Brick, Spiced Marmalade, Mustard Seed, Mowed Lawn, Salty Ocean, Seedless Preserves
Copic Multiliner 0.5
Water mister

25 March, 2014

Card: "Smile, Sky" or "Getting Back on the Horse"

I'd been admiring this line of little nymph stamps for a while. Looking on the internet I can't honestly tell you how to find them, but I've seen them several times at Expos and have always passed them up due to their price tag ($10). But they do come mounted and they do have sentiments with them, plus the characters are a nice size, so Mike said go ahead and get them. After spending most of last Friday sleeping I wanted to photograph, organise, and play with my purchases from Thursday's visit to the Expo. I really liked the colours of the Just Splendid paper line and I wanted to have something whimsical to go with the bright and fun imagery. I took little Sky out and thought I'd make a card for my friend Sue. It was so good to get back to colouring and cardmaking after being away for so long. It came together pretty quickly too, I guess you don't lose your ability to work fast! Have you ever had to stop crafting for a while? Did it come back to you right away?

Rubber Stamp: StampWorkz (Toread Nymph Sky)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper: MME Just Splendid
Just Splendid MME PL card
Pink Paislee Colourwash stickers
Queen & Co glimmer dots
Copics Used
Skin: E93/50/21/11/00
Hair: E49/27/34
Outfit: E29/25, BG09, G16/14

24 March, 2014

2014 Anaheim Scrapbook Expo

First off, I'd just like to say how sorry I am for not being around. If you're a follower here or on my FB page you probably know I've been rather sick since starting Cystic Fibrosis medication on the 15th of February. Since then it's been one thing after another, including several days last week that required me laying in bed doing nothing at all in an attempt to heal. I was able to keep in communication because of my tablet, but I wasn't able to do a whole lot, and I'm sorry for that. I'm still not better either, so I'm taking things day by day.

Because of all this the exciting reward of getting to go to the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo after doing the medication turned into something that I hoped I'd just be able to claw my way to instead of  haveing some sort of crazy awesome celebration time. I was told by the CF doctors that I needed to come in to their office on Thursday the 20th for tests and while that part sucked (we came away with no answers as of yet, even after me being poked and prodded and tested for over two hours) the timing was actually okay since the Scrapbook Expo started on Thursday this year. A gal from my message board arranged to meet me when we got there and, with Mike trailing behind waiting to purchase things and carry stuff for me, we were able to do some fun shopping together.
I ended up getting "only" a few things, mostly stuff I'd been considering for a while but not purchased, as well as some things from Winter CHA that I knew I wanted. I got the MME Just Splendid paper designed by my friend Gennifer Bursett which are really beautiful in real life. The PL cards are a bit thin, like regular paper, but I think that might be a good thing since there's three of each design I'll probably be layering them on other projects. The little troll stamps I've been looking at for a few years now and always pass up because of the price (10). Mike said to go ahead and get them though and they really are quite cute. They were also "buy 5, get 1" so I was able to get the whole line, even the one on the bottom that I'm not as fond of. I just figure she was my free one, hehe. I picked up a 6x6 of Glitz's Uncharted Waters which I've been considering as well as the Studio Calico wood veneer kitties and doggie sets. I found Simple Stories' DIY grid PL cards which are really nice, also a little thin, but they're made to layer things on top of. I found another USA map stamp set with some really cute sayings for $6 that I can see using on several projects. Last but not least I found some new CHA paper by the sheet. Definitely things I needed to see IRL. For the first time in years I liked a surprising amount of Crate Paper's new release, as well as Dear Lizzy's Day Dreamer, and Studio Calico's Wanderlust. I only ended up buying two sheets of Amy Tan's Plus One that they had because I wasn't really fond of the patterns. I saw it at another booth later, it looked like they had more pieces, but I still gave it a pass. I'm usually a fan of her stuff so it was good to see it in person and know I could do without it.

Saturday was the day of the big group meet so we decided to go out again. Not something we'd usually do, go down the hill twice in one week, especially so close, but we needed boring things like dog food to make the trip more legitimate than both Mike and I wanting to play with friends. The drive is about two hours, two and a half, so we try to limit how much we go out. But this time the excuse was not just to spend money so it was okay, lol!

Susan, the gal I'd met with on Thursday, had organised as many SoCal Peeps meeting up on Saturday as she could and it was her, Jeanne (who I went to the Ontario Expo with) and my friend Sue that I met up with first when Mike dropped Sirius and I off. We hit the Echo Park booth first, HARD, and then continued to wander around the floor in a haphazard kind of way, just talking and shopping and hanging out.
Up top you can see the Echo Park stuff I got. They had a "buy 7 packs for $20" deal going on which was definitely the best of the show. A collection pack with stickers is usually, what, like $15? Sometimes $20 from other companies?  I've used some of this paper already, or have a few pieces left in my stash, but we're thinking lean times might be coming in the next 4 months or so so I thought that having a stash of new paper like this that I know I like might be a good idea. Just in case. The embellishments were only a $1 so I got a brad pack and a layered sticker pack. They also had sets of divided page protectors for $2 instead of the $5 for the WRMK ones at Target so I got 4 of those too. The 6x6 were 10 for 10 so I picked out three to help Sue get to 10 and she bought them for me. I raided the Queen and Co booth again for some washi and more bling since I've used a lot already. Sue also bought me the pearls in the clear packages while Siri and I were outside so he could potty. I got some Pink Paislee mistable shapes and paper which should be fun with my Dylusions. On the bottom I took advantage of a deal at a place called Local King rubber stamps. You buy the stamp set, a background stamp, and the water-based markers for $40 and they threw in 2 packages of glossy paper (of which I have none). I also bought the matching wolf die because it's the kind that cuts the exact shape, not the kind that leaves a white border (which I hate). Lastly we stopped by the Chickaniddy booth a second time so that Susan could decide if she wanted to buy something (she likes to ruminate on purchases) and it's totally her fault I broke down and got both collection packs for $8 each.

That's it! That's my shopping adventure at the Expo this year. I think I'm set, right? LOL! Thank you for coming, dear readers, and for hanging in there with me during this whole medical hoopla. I've always known CF was a serious disease (it's technically terminal after all), but being this sick for so long is something I've never experienced. I hope to be on the mend and get back to sharing things with you this week. I have a new card already, and a second part to this Expo Love post with pictures of the Peep gals so please stay tuned.

14 March, 2014

Card: Sunshine Ducks

Some Odd Girl
Still a sucker for a sale, I purchased both the ducks and both the spring elements. But then I was smart enough to make up a scene to use them as soon as I could. I used my Pop Up stash kit to make the card, though I'm not sure it came together as well as it could have. It's kind of... I dunno, "off". Since I didn't know what to add, though, I'm calling it done.

Digital Stamps: Make it Crafty (Grassy Foreground, Blossom Tree), Some Odd Girl (Spring Parade, Duck in Boots)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: Echo Park, Glitz Designs, Dear Lizzy
Enamel dots
Twinery twine
Lawn Fawn flair
Copics Used: YG67/23/17, G21, Y26/19/15/11, B000/24/41, YR65/15, R46/39/14, RV42/10, E71/74/79

12 March, 2014

Card: You're FAN-tastic!

I made this card a little over a month ago, but now the recipient has gotten it, so I can show you. I have a friend that's just plain awesome and I wanted to make her something special so I created this card. I used a file from the Silhouette Studio to create the intricate design on the card base. I also paper pieced the little kimono the girl is wearing.

Rubber Stamp: Sister Stamps
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections Kraft
Paper: Graphic 45
Silhouette Cameo

10 March, 2014

Studio Monday: The Shopping Edition

Today's Studio Monday is going to be short and sweet (but with lots of goodies for you) because I'm still doing really poorly health-wise. We found out I have had pink eye since last monday and on top of my other medication this has been a really bad month for me.

The only bright spots of the last week were packages in the mail and the field trip I had planned for when I was *better* from my Cipro reaction. With the pink eye I obviously didn't get better, but we went on the trip anyhow! (I had the added excuse of needing to go down the hill to get medication anyway)
First came a package from Hanko Designs that I'd ordered weeks ago of Sister Stamps' new March release. Aren't the bunnies just too cute?! I love these little Asian stamps (they're made by two gals in Hawaii) and I think these are perfect for Spring. Since Spring came right after Fall here they're pretty appropriate!
The next day came two packages. Some Odd Girl had a sale on their new Hipster release (on the left - I mentioned the card challenges they were having when I posted a few cards down blog) so I snapped them up and they came in the mail along with the last Oozak package from my January order. The thing that sucks about pre-order is the money's been spent but sometimes the goods don't come until months later! This time it was Lawn Fawn that was lagging behind and I can't wait until I'm well enough to get started on making some of the awesome things I've seen people make with ALL of these stamps!
My last picture is the haul I got from the Rubberstamp Show that was held in Carson, CA on Saturday. Remember that field trip? Yeah, I'd been planning it the whole week, do some make and takes, check out stamps, spend recklessly... Once I found out how contagious I am I wanted to make sure to limit my contact with others. The fact that I probably caught this from someone at the theatre or the grocery store and that it puts my fur-kids at risk (not to mention Mike), I'm all the more determined not to pass this along to the unsuspecting public. I have CF, usually what I get can't hurt anyone normal, so it's weird to be contagious. Anyway, I still wanted to go in spite of this and in spite of the fact that I was having serious trouble seeing, so I made sure to make quick passes through the booths, I stayed away from people (non-contagious as long as I don't touch my eyes), had Mike carry and pay for everything, and at least I got to pick up some fun stuff. I stopped by the Hanko Designs booth and picked up a few more Sister Stamps, though the ones I really wanted were already sold out. I picked up some really nice washi paper (in the back) which will be fun to use with the stamps but also just for regular projects. Another booth there seemed to have the entire Ranger Ink CHA catalogue. I was able to restrain myself, not fly completely off the handle in the face of so much pretty, but I did pick up a plastic palette, some adorable bird stamps, the remaining Distress Markers from the last releases, the new circle blender tool, and some watercolour paper to try out, see if theirs is better than the stuff I got at Joann's. I'm glad they didn't have more stamps for me to go ga-ga over, actually. Though they might have and I just wasn't able to see them!

I'm sorry this is all I have to offer right now, that posts have been so sparse; not a daily dose of something pretty, and that I've been so negative lately. I'm honestly tired of it myself and tired of feeling so unwell. I have one more week of Cayston, more eye drops than I can count, then a doctor check up, and hopefully I'll get to being back to normal.

08 March, 2014

Card: I Like Snowballs

Some Odd Girl is having a release party and challenges on their FB group and the first challenge is to use punches. Since there is still a tiny bit of snow out, I thought I could get away with using my snowflake border punch. I wanted to make the blue light, to match the blue I put in my Miss Sunshine stash kit, but it didn't come out that way so I had to use a 6x6 piece of paper I had.

Digital Stamps: Some Odd Girl (Snowball Tia)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper: Webster's Pages, Studio Calico
Martha Stewart Punch
Enamel dots
Copics Used
Skin: E93/11/21/51/50
Eyes: B66/63/23
Hair: E35, Y26/23
Outfit: RV66/17/55, B16/14/12

03 March, 2014

Studio Monday: Kit Commotion!

With the Scrapbook Expo coming in 19 days, and me planning to spend craptons of money... yeah, I had to re-evaluate my paper stash which isn't like huge but still not good to add without making sure I can use what's there. There's a gal on my message board (not mine, just the one I frequent) named Margareta that runs a Scrap Stash Kit Club. The idea is not to buy more things with a subscription, but to make kits based on her colour choices/theme from your own supplies. I've watched for a while but not participated because I've always just wanted to buy her kits instead!

That's not really how it works, but I wanted to take the cue and run with it to use up some of those papers that have been sticking around for more than six months. I decided not to make the *full* kits, since I don't store my supplies like that, but just focus on the paper for now and when I use something from the kit I can look at the "official" picture and go from there with inspiration.

Here I am, putting together a kit. I went through my paper cube (that's it on the bottom left) and as I looked through a Page Planner envelope of paper I pulled it out a bit, cuing myself that I'd done it already. I looked through everything, every time, just to make sure I had the right shades and whatnot. Margareta put up some videos for her kits, explaining her paper picking ideas, so I watched a few of those while I did this.

The first kit I did you saw the product of on Sunday with the "let it snow" card. I went with the Going For Gold kit since it was like first or something. It looked first. But since I don't have any gold, I had to do yellow.

For this one I followed the Miss Sunshine kit, adding some brownish just for the hell of it.

She had a Pantone paint chip for the Something Blue kit here so I followed that.

I kept it simple for the Summer Nights Kit because I didn't really see how some of the pieces fit into the kit. I've been making huge kits so far, so it's nice to have something small to work with. I have a surprising amount of black, and this is a blackish grey.

For the Autumn Twist I went really autumn with it because those were just the papers I found. ((shrugs)) I think it will work for boyish layouts or cards, yeah? Since I already have a ton of actual autumn papers.

This kit is the one that I really would have bought if Margareta had them on offer. Even with all the letter stickers in there, I love the look of the Pop Up Kit so much. I did my best to re-create the kit as best I could and then when I use it I hope I can find the proper embellishments and stuff.

And the very last one is this month's Jackpot kit. Her version came with a lot of rainbow, but not many solids to rest the eye on. So I combined tan/white, black/white, and grey/white pieces with the remaining rainbow from my Glitz paper pad from last January. Yeah, it's time for that to go.

I'm not fully acquainted with kits, and I know I made some of them HUGE so they'll take a while to use, but I'm feeling better about my paper stash and my ability to use it. I also think I ended up getting rid of a few paper envelopes and combining others as the papers dwindled to scraps. That's always good. This is really new for me since, you may have noticed, I don't really tend to combine paper companies/lines. I've always scrapped along manu/line, but I'm willing to give this a try! I've added a tag for Stash Kit to my side bar so you can check out what I make with these kits.

Thanks for coming by, and I hope I've inspired you. I think kits might be a fun way to rejuvenate some of those papers that I don't know how to pair!