13 January, 2014

Studio Monday - Stamp Progress is Progressive

Saturday Mike and I took our first journey to Ikea. I knew that if I was going to find the right bins for my stamps it'd be there. It was intensely overwhelming for people who are not good with crowds. We followed the arrows, looked through things, and even got to see the Expedit entertainment centre we are considering in action so that was good. Finally we found the organisation section and took the little stamp envelope I'd brought and started auditioning. There were some really cute and coloured bins, but they were a disturbing cardboard type thing. We also nixed the idea of wicker baskets because of dust in our area. We live in a forest, it's either dust or tree pollen 24/7. So we went with plastic. The good thing about this plastic is they're white, but if I come up with an overall colour scheme at some point I can spray paint them and hopefully give them a lift.
Here's a shot of what it looks like right now. I'm going to work on step-by-step organising the themes. A very kind friend of mine, Sue, offered these plastic label dividers that should fit in these bins perfectly and there's 15 of them so hopefully they'll work for all the subject categories I have come up with. But even as a temporary measure it'll be nice. We decided to go with six bins for now because, well, at $8 each it would have been expensive and I thought I'd save some money for now. So far it looks like everything I have on hand will fit in these six bins. I'll (fingers crossed) only need to grow to more bins if I buy more stamps. We all know I'll buy more stamps. I mean, CHA stuff has me wanting at least 6 sets! That bin on the bottom left is full of stamps that haven't been put into envelopes and most need Aileen's tack it glue on them as well. So much work!

This project is probably going to be slow going. I mean, it's boring, for one, but just looking at the bins fills me with hope. It'll be easier for me to take one of these down, paw through them, and check out what I'll want to use. I'm putting small elements like hearts and butterflies together so I can find them when I need to. Mike also thinks that we can slip in shelves just above the tops of the envelopes in the bins to provide storage for my punches, since the envelopes are now taking that space. This was a custom unit we built so I don't want to just trash it and start over. 

Hopefully some time next week I'll have more progress to show you... we'll see on that, lol!