26 January, 2014

Studio Sunday - We're Getting There....

I just wanted to update you with how my scrap space is coming along after the last time I posted. I've been working really hard on making things look neat, and I've been creating here so I've also been focusing on how functional my space is. We visited Ikea to return my desk's fifth leg, turned out it didn't need it, and we picked up doors for two of my cubes.
Here you can see the doors opened. On the left are small fabric bins, also from Ikea, that hold things like my watercolour set, my Gelatos, my alcohol inks, and my Cricut storage case. I also was able to fit my Cuttlebug in there, which is good because it's not super attractive. In the right most cube you can see my paper. Yes, that's *all* my paper that's not Halloween/Christmas themed (each has its own Iris case). You can see the little divide in there that the 8.5x11 cardstock makes between my patterned paper and where my cardstock starts. I have also put my Cameo mats, glass mat, and scoring board in that cube to keep the visual clutter down. The cube next to that, on the middle right has UFOs. The DisneyWorld and travel album I still need to complete from last year and on the other side is the green WRMK album I'm using for my PL and layouts this year as well as the Disneyland album I picked up for this year's photos and layouts.
The other thing we picked up was this little bin organiser tray from Ikea. I can't take credit for this one, I saw it on Pinterest, but I like how perfect it is for PL supplies. I am part of Gossamer Blue's PL kit and I bought some PL kits during Scraptastic's Black Friday sale so I have a little bit of supplies. I put all the 3x4 cards over to the right, along with the punched embellishments I made from last year's Amy Tan paper and all the current embellishments from January's GB kit. IN the middle front I have things like the stamp sets that the kits come with, letter stickers, and larger sticker sheets. Behind that is 4x6 cards from GB, Scraptastic, Amy Tan ones I made, and then just gridded index filler cards. In the front left I have small things like paper clips, flair, and wood veneer all mixed together so I can sift. And in the very back I have the washi, sequins, dots, and Cameo die cuts that came in the Scraptastic kits. The only problem I've had with this tray so far is that I keep poking at it, wanting to make a PL layout, but the week isn't over yet and I'm caught up!

I hope you enjoyed a more updated peek of my space. I still have a long way to go, much stamp organisation to get done, but as the title says, I'm getting there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your progress. I am sure you are enjoying your space and your crafting each time you organize a bit more. I know I did when I finally go my scrap room organized. - Maribeth


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