28 February, 2014

Card: I Like You, Fairest

My health issues continue, but it's driving me insane. I had to spend Wednesday and Thursday at Mike's work so he could take care of me. He can't take off, I'm not well enough to be on my own, so it was his office futon or nothing. But that's boring as hell. When we got home, after he made us food, I asked Mike to stamp this little cutie for me so I could colour her in... using my *left* hand! Yeah, I'm right handed. She took me much longer than she probably should have, but it was good to be able to do something. This is taking me an inordinate amount of time to type, since I can't use my right arm at all for anything. Anyway, enough rambling and pitying, I hope you like the card and I hope I get to being functional again some time soon. A week and a half now and I'm really over feeling like this!

Rubber Stamp: The Greeting Farm (SSSC 001 - Fairest)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Kraft
Paper: Lawn Fawn
MME enamel dots
Copics Used
Skin: E11/21/51/50, BV23
Hair: E59/25/33
Outfit: Y19/15/11, C2

24 February, 2014

Studio Monday: New Shelf

First off, I wanted to say how sorry I am for not updating my blog daily. I'm on some pretty evil antibiotics and I haven't been able to craft because I've been in a lot of pain.
The new feature in my space is a new shelf for my... well, shelf. Mike and I built this shelf for my stamps. Originally my stamps hung from a metal rod underneath the shelves, but I didn't like that way and got bins. Thing is, see all that space there above the bins? "Wasted space" is NOT in my vocabulary. Plus, as you can see to the right, I have the Dylusions sprays that need a home (on my Copic shelf is NOT a home) and my Distress Inks are nearly inaccessible on the side of the shelf as they are. I can't see them stuffed in the corner like that.

Mike said he had enough wood for one shelf, so I picked the lower shelf for these mixed media items. I figured I could stack my Distress Inks instead of having them in the Media Styx since they didn't fit on the front edges of my shelf. In realising that, however, I had to do something with the foam pads that I stored at the bottom of the ink pad.
Seeing that I needed a new storage system I went to the Ranger site and printed out a chart of all the colours really large onto two sheets. It took me a while, but I used the pads to colour the squares and then used bits of velcro to stick the pad to the paper. I then slid each sheet into a page protector so that they're protected. It'll be nice and easy to pick out a colour and go with it when I need one.
Here you can see my shelf all set up. In the very back of the new shelf I put some punches. Mostly border punches that I use, but don't use often. I needed the space for them. They've been in one of the teal bins in my Expedit cubes. I don't like them there, so the shelves are needed. In front I stacked my Distress Inks and lined up my Dylusions as well. I've toyed with the idea of moving the washi spinner up to that shelf, maybe stacking the Distress Inks higher, but I'm not quite sure. This is how it is for now and I guess I'll just have to see how it goes when I start to make things. So far, I think it just looks better!

I hope you liked the look at all the pretty colours this Monday, have a great day!

Stay Crafty!

20 February, 2014

Card: Live the Riches of Colour

During my exploring of how to spray a rainbow with the Dylusions inks I had a thought, "what would happen if I used an eye dropper?" I had one come with one of the Gelato packs so I tried it out right away. As you can see, it came out pretty awesome. I struggled a bit with how to embellish and use the tag, and if a grey mermaid would look good, but I think it came out pretty cool. Have you ever had flashes of inspiration that just seem to "click" like that? I'm really happy with how this flash worked out and I'll definitely be trying that again.

Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie
Cardstock: XPress-It, manilla tag
Paper: Imaginisce
Dylusions Ink Sprays
Signo Uniball white pen
Copics Used
Skin: E51/50/21/11
Hair: C5/3/2/0
Tail: C7/5/4/2/0

17 February, 2014

Studio Monday: A Sticky Situation

You might be surprised, considering how much I boast, but there are parts of my space that are unorganised! Not only did I decide to change up how I have my stamps organised (now by theme instead of manufacturer), but I have a TON of rubber stamps that I haven't dealt with yet. See, I don't like the foam stuff that some stamps come with. I use Aileen's Tack it Over and Over instead to turn my stamps into cling stamps so I can use my acrylic block or my Fiskars Stamp Press.
This is all my stamps laid out getting ready to be processed. I took them all out of their packages, saved the paper with the image, and ripped off the foam if it had any. Then I poured the glue into a paper cup, used a foam brush, and painted the glue on. It's hard work though, especially for someone like me. Sometimes the foam sticks and requires muscle... I don't have that.
This is as far as I got. The bigger stack is large sheets, mostly Greeting Farm stamps that come in sets of two images or a few more. Those were easier to do. If you do this and have the option, don't cut your stamps first. The smaller stack is stamps that were already cut. There's less of them because they're more of a hassle. You have to worry about the glue dripping off the uneven edges, but you still need to get into every corner. Blah! So yeah, this is as far as I got.
This is what I have left. The pile of rubber and the pile of stamps that still have their foam on them. Those were the ones that were the hardest to get clean of the foam. I had to leave it for another day. The other fun part of this project is I still have to cut those stamps apart and put them in their subjects so they can go in the stamp bins.

I figured this was pretty good progress though. Much farther than I've gotten in the last few months that I've been putting this project off. I just like buying and using new stamps; processing them is a LOT less fun! Do you do this kind of thing to your stamps, or do you just leave them as-is? I hope you enjoyed the look at my mess.

Stay Crafty!

16 February, 2014

Card: Everyday Magic Buckskin

I thought I'd colour this little unicorn differently, like a regular horse instead of something fanciful. I picked a Buckskin because they're easy to colour. I didn't know what paper to use with these guys so I accented them with the washi instead. Then they sat on my desk for an entire week as I tried to decide how to finish the card. Enamel dots and a sentiment were all I came up with. Cards are hard.

Digital Stamp: Little Miss Muffet (Roamer)
Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl (sentiment)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Washi tape
MME enamel dots
Copics Used: E77/74/49/43/42/41/40/09/08/07, Y26/15/02, YR00

14 February, 2014

Card: Thinking of You This Valentine's

I have a nice little card for you all as a present for Valentine's Day. We don't really do V-Day here since our anniversary was just four days ago, but I *am* absolutely grateful for all of you. Thank you for visiting and thank you double if you're a follower. I was playing with my Dylusions ink sprays for this and I know a few people have been eager to see something I make with them. I used three sprays on a dry manilla tag first, then sprayed the whole thing with a bit of water, then used a water brush to draw the hearts, and then dotted some ink with the sprayer straw. I figured it'd give me nice texture that way. Have you tried these sprays before? Do you just spray with them or do something else to add interest?

Stay Crafty!

Rubber Stamp: Sister Stamps (Cappy)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Paper: My Little Shoebox
Dylusions Ink Spray (Postbox Red, Bubblegum Pink, Funky Fuchsia)
MME enamel dots
Shaped paperclip
Copics Used: E29/27/25/23, T7

13 February, 2014

Card: 11th Anniversary - Forever & Always

This is the card I made for Mike for our wedding anniversary. I like to keep things simple for him, but I also like trying new things on his cards because he doesn't mind experimentation. I was inspired by a recent image coloured by Forgotten Scraps and I used my coloured pencils to mimic the white pencil used for shading of the skin. I wanted it to still be more flesh coloured though so I added a few more pencils. I then used simple prints from my Gossamer Blue paper kit that had arrived that day. Inside the card I wrote: "If I had to choose between loving you and breathing I would use my last breath to say "I love you". Mike gave me a nice, tight hug when I gave the card to him. :) It was a bit hard to put this card together, since it's so important, and to find the perfect thing to say too. Do you ever feel that pressure when making cards for that someone special?

Stay Crafty,

Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Fairy Magic)
Cardstock: Kraft, Cream
Paper: Pebbles, Elle Studio (Gossamer Blue paper kit)
Faber-Castell Coloured Pencils
Enamel dots

12 February, 2014

Scrapbook Layout: Disneyland - First Trip of the New Year

Our first trip to Disneyland of the year was January 23rd and I took a few pictures. I thought I'd make a fun layout, since Disney is colourful, and I used up the circle paper from my Gossame Blue kit.

Paper: MME (Cut and Paste) Pink Paislee, Studio Calico (Print Shop)
Scraptastic wood veneer
Studio Calico wood veneer
Enamel dots

10 February, 2014

Studio Monday: An Embarrasment of Riches

For today's Studio Monday I've got COLOUR! I've also got a bit of an enamel dot obsession. I bought my first packs in September last year. I got more from a deal website called Peachy Cheap. Then there was a group buy to the China manufacturers that make dots for the big manus. Super cheap dots meant purchasing even more was totally worth it. Then there was another Peachy Cheap buy. Yeah, I have a LOT of dots, but they work for everything. Problem is, you have to keep them organised.
Instead of keeping the dots in their packs with the colours all mixed up I prefer the rainbow method. I often, when embellishing, say things like "I need a blue here" or "I need a green to match the background" so I don't want to have to sift through 900 (almost literally) packages of dots to find the right shade. This is me in the middle of organising, I emptied the packages of dots I already had onto the desk too. You can see the dots I got from the group buy on my keyboard. It's actually enjoyable work, cutting apart these little sheets.
Here's everything all laid out. I love the little piles of colour.
And here they are in their packages. I used some of the packages that came with the Peachy Cheap order. It was a hell of a time getting them all in there since the packages aren't meant to hold that much, but oh well! I had to make a "teal" package this time since there were a lot that weren't quite green and weren't quite blue.
Since the packages are now so big they don't fit in my little embellishment lunch box so I had to put them into the drawer that I have for bigger embellishments like sticker sheets and chipboard frames. I did this a few days ago, and have used several more dots now quite liberally because, heck, what am I saving them for?! Mostly thought? I just like opening the drawer and looking at them. I LOVE my dots. I'm startled at how many I own, I don't usually go crazy over things like this, but these dots just go with everything I make. And embarrassing as it is, I've got plenty to keep me going for a while now!

I hope you enjoyed this little colourful tour. Today is my 11th wedding anniversary so I'm out of the craft room and out having fun! Have a great day!

09 February, 2014

Scrapbook Layout: Mr. Bun in a Blanket

Now that January is over I'm trying to use the paper I got from my Gossamer Blue kit. I wanted to use this background paper in its entirety because it's just so pretty. I figured I'd make a page with Sirius on it; he's black, his fur goes with everything. I paired all the colour with brown/wood embellishments so that it would give the eye a place to rest.

Paper: Studio Calico (Print Shop/Basics), Webster's Pages (Alison Kreft)
WRMK washi tape
Gossamer Blue wood veneer
Prima wood veneer
Doodlebug enamel dots

06 February, 2014

Card: Misty Watercolour Mermaid

I started with the idea of creating a spray background that looked like she's underwater. That didn't really work. Then I wanted the bubbles to be swirling around her. That didn't really work either. Basically nothing about this worked except the contrast of all the blue and the brightness of the mermaid herself. So yeah, I really do need more practise with misting. But this piece has found its way to someone that will appreciate her, so that's not a total loss, eh?

Digital Stamp: Sweet November (Mermaids)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Watercolour Paper
Dylusions spray Lime, Turquoise, Blue
MME enamel dots
Signo Uniball white pen
Faber-Castell Polychromos
Copics Used
Skin: E93/51/50/21/11/00
Eyes: V06/06/04
Hair: RV66/55/19/17
Tail: R05, YR21/YR09/07/04

05 February, 2014

Scrapbook Layout: Play

When Ash brought his puppy I was worried about Sirius getting roughed up, turned out his puppy was too scared of Viggo and Sirius to play. It wasn't until they were ready to leave that Ghost came out of his shell. It was cute to watch the three of them frolicking in the yard for a while. I went with a simple but repetitive colour palette for this since it's an "all boy" layout.

Paper: Lawn Fawn, Carta Bella
Simple Stories Sn@p stickers
MME enamel dots
sparkly stars
Scraptastic washi

04 February, 2014

Scrapbook Layout: Friends

I was surprised at how many of the photos from this weekend I used already in my PL, but I wanted to make sure that there were a few actual layouts too of when our friend Ash came to visit us, just in case. I used paper from my January Gossamer Blue extra paper kit. I like that when I'm done with the PL pages I can then make layouts. I kept this one minimalist. Not like that's hard for me. It spend a while being completely bare because I couldn't think of how to embellish it.

02 February, 2014

Card: Wild Colour

Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Michael's and pick up a few things. I was technically after the Dylusions sprays because I've been doing some research on them via Pinterest and YouTube and I finally decided to try them. My first sprays after really having no interest in them, but I wanted something water based that wasn't my watercolour set since it's sometimes difficult to get my Crayola set to the right saturation while still remaining drippable. Michael's had their Valentine's embellishments half off, which worked out because there's nothing like these coming in my Gossamer Blue PL kit and I don't have any V-day embellishments. I'm not going to make projects *specific* to one day, especially a day we don't celebrate, but our wedding anniversary is on the 10th so I needed *something*.

When we got home I broke out the sprays and tested them on some manilla tags that I have, just to see how they work. I sprayed my hand, I sprayed my garbage can, but I had fun. And the colour of these Dylusions sprays is *just* what I was looking for. It's intensely vibrant. Add water to it and it moves, but doesn't seem to dilute too much, which is also just what I was looking for. So I went and ordered more to complete my rainbow online. It'll take a while to get here since I cheap out on shipping, but that will give me time to formulate all the things I want to make and to get used to controlling the spraying.
When I was playing with the tags one of the combinations, the turquoise and lime, looked like a tree and its foliage to me. So I took some watercolour paper, made a trunk, and then attempted to spray more foliage. Since I'm new it kinda got everywhere, so I had to bring in a blue Gelato to cover up my mistakes and make a "sky". I then made a ground and picked out a character that I'd already printed to colour and match with the little scene. I'm pretty happy with how this came out and I can't wait to work with these Dylusions sprays again. I'm really enjoying making all these random backgrounds and playing around, but it's still very controlled and purposeful which, really, has been my way of "playing" for my whole life. Fun, but purposeful.

Digital Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Unicorn Mae)
Clear Stamp: Lawn Fawn (sentiment)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Papertrey Ink
Watercolour paper
Dylusions Fresh Lime and Vibrant Turquoise spray
Crayola watercolours
Distress Markers
Copics Used
Skin: E93/51/50/21/11, BV25
Eyes: V17/15/06
Hair: RV09, V12/06
Outfit: W9/7/5, E84/70/43, YR18/15/12

01 February, 2014

Card: Sweet Treat

I got a new heat gun yesterday, took the guard off the front of it so it won't melt like my other one, and decided that I needed to play with Gelatos and embossing powder. It actually snowed here in SoCal a little so I had to celebrate and I made this little snowy scene. I really like how this one came out, and it's so cute that he's eating a popcicle when it's so cold out.

Digital Stamp: Some Odd Girl (Polar Cub-cicle)
Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl (snowflakes) Inkadinkado (sentiment)
Cardstock: XPress-It
Paper: Basic Grey
Watercolour paper
Signo Uniball white
Zing embossing powder
Copics Used: W6/5/4/2, G46/24/21/20, BV23, RV25/23/21, R85/83, Y15/13/11/00