10 February, 2014

Studio Monday: An Embarrasment of Riches

For today's Studio Monday I've got COLOUR! I've also got a bit of an enamel dot obsession. I bought my first packs in September last year. I got more from a deal website called Peachy Cheap. Then there was a group buy to the China manufacturers that make dots for the big manus. Super cheap dots meant purchasing even more was totally worth it. Then there was another Peachy Cheap buy. Yeah, I have a LOT of dots, but they work for everything. Problem is, you have to keep them organised.
Instead of keeping the dots in their packs with the colours all mixed up I prefer the rainbow method. I often, when embellishing, say things like "I need a blue here" or "I need a green to match the background" so I don't want to have to sift through 900 (almost literally) packages of dots to find the right shade. This is me in the middle of organising, I emptied the packages of dots I already had onto the desk too. You can see the dots I got from the group buy on my keyboard. It's actually enjoyable work, cutting apart these little sheets.
Here's everything all laid out. I love the little piles of colour.
And here they are in their packages. I used some of the packages that came with the Peachy Cheap order. It was a hell of a time getting them all in there since the packages aren't meant to hold that much, but oh well! I had to make a "teal" package this time since there were a lot that weren't quite green and weren't quite blue.
Since the packages are now so big they don't fit in my little embellishment lunch box so I had to put them into the drawer that I have for bigger embellishments like sticker sheets and chipboard frames. I did this a few days ago, and have used several more dots now quite liberally because, heck, what am I saving them for?! Mostly thought? I just like opening the drawer and looking at them. I LOVE my dots. I'm startled at how many I own, I don't usually go crazy over things like this, but these dots just go with everything I make. And embarrassing as it is, I've got plenty to keep me going for a while now!

I hope you enjoyed this little colourful tour. Today is my 11th wedding anniversary so I'm out of the craft room and out having fun! Have a great day!