17 February, 2014

Studio Monday: A Sticky Situation

You might be surprised, considering how much I boast, but there are parts of my space that are unorganised! Not only did I decide to change up how I have my stamps organised (now by theme instead of manufacturer), but I have a TON of rubber stamps that I haven't dealt with yet. See, I don't like the foam stuff that some stamps come with. I use Aileen's Tack it Over and Over instead to turn my stamps into cling stamps so I can use my acrylic block or my Fiskars Stamp Press.
This is all my stamps laid out getting ready to be processed. I took them all out of their packages, saved the paper with the image, and ripped off the foam if it had any. Then I poured the glue into a paper cup, used a foam brush, and painted the glue on. It's hard work though, especially for someone like me. Sometimes the foam sticks and requires muscle... I don't have that.
This is as far as I got. The bigger stack is large sheets, mostly Greeting Farm stamps that come in sets of two images or a few more. Those were easier to do. If you do this and have the option, don't cut your stamps first. The smaller stack is stamps that were already cut. There's less of them because they're more of a hassle. You have to worry about the glue dripping off the uneven edges, but you still need to get into every corner. Blah! So yeah, this is as far as I got.
This is what I have left. The pile of rubber and the pile of stamps that still have their foam on them. Those were the ones that were the hardest to get clean of the foam. I had to leave it for another day. The other fun part of this project is I still have to cut those stamps apart and put them in their subjects so they can go in the stamp bins.

I figured this was pretty good progress though. Much farther than I've gotten in the last few months that I've been putting this project off. I just like buying and using new stamps; processing them is a LOT less fun! Do you do this kind of thing to your stamps, or do you just leave them as-is? I hope you enjoyed the look at my mess.

Stay Crafty!