13 October, 2014

2014 Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. I know I haven't been creating much lately, having more fun gaming, but I promised my friends from the message board that I'd join them. I haven't been in a shopping mood, I've been absent from the message board (and I keep getting PMs to come back...), so I thought I'd show. Little did I know Mike would decide Friday night that he wanted to go to the Eastern Sierras! Since I'd have to cancel plans he figured I could go as long as we made sure to book out of there at 12pm. I had to drive us down there, since he worked two straight weeks without a day off and was tired, then Sirius and I met up with Jeanne and got to shopping.

Since I didn't actually need anything, and was only looking for the latest release of Lawn Fawn stamps, mostly we just wandered. The gamer paper pack, the 6x6 and 3x4 pack, and the stickers in the front were from a booth called Part Time Sally. I dunno what's up with stupid names for scrapbook companies, but they had newer stuff and nice discounts. I had 3 times that picked out, but I put the rest back. I got three little punches from another place, little leaves, because I have tiny tree stamps, but don't want to cut out tiny things. I found another place that had a new line from Amy Tan, stitched hearts and whatnot. Cost me just a few dollars so that was nice. As Jeanne was talking to a friend of hers from a stamp company I noticed that Echo Park was at this Expo. Same deal as Anaheim with three packs of paper for $7. I was distracted because I saw they actually had Chillingsworth Manor this time and they were sold out in Anaheim. For my other two packs I just got plain "distressed" paper since I don't much like cardstock and I figured it'd be good for layering. I also got a few more packs of the super cheap divided page protectors. I gotta say though, this has to be the least I've ever spent at an Expo. Barely $60. But then, yeah, I wasn't really feeling the shopping thing and I didn't have a whole lot of time there to wander and be enabled by the gals either.
Had a great time. Dunno if I'll be making it to the Anaheim Expo, but if I'm around I'll definitely be meeting up with these ladies again!

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