07 January, 2015

Watercolour: Something RIGHT

My first creation of the new year! I don't have a lot of goals this year, art-wise, but what I'm trying to do is just start and then let the art talk to me. Whatever it wants to be, wherever it wants to go, that kind of thing. When I started the background I didn't know where it was going, all I knew was that I was directionless and that if I didn't just start then I'd not do anything and I really wanted to. The good news is that in creating this I came up with an idea for another piece, which I'm thankful for because making this was not easy. My lungs are so fragile they didn't appreciate the silver Sharpie at all. And outlining it was even worse. I'm honestly completely sick of crap like this. I just want to be left alone to create!

I hope you like this piece in my watercolour journal and thanks for joining me this Watercolour Wednesday!