28 February, 2015

Use It Up Scrapbook Kit #3 Results!

Shiny new video, the results of my third Use it Up Stash Kit. I managed to make cards too, and colour images for them. Nice, eh? I hope you like my projects, even though this kit was a bit smaller than most that I usually do.

27 February, 2015

Use It Up Scrapbook Kit #3

My third Stash Kit, complete with a video and my own challenge to use it up as quickly as I can. Enjoy! This is a smaller kit, but I really like the colour combinations that I came up with for this kit as it made it super easy to use on various projects and subjects.

25 February, 2015

Use it Up Scrapbook Kit #2 Results!

I'm here with a today, which you might have seen if you've subscribed to my YouTube channel. It's my Use it Up stash kit challenge #2 using the Jackpot and Summer Nights kit.

And here are the layouts for you, so you can see them as just still photos. I hope you enjoyed!

24 February, 2015

Stash Kitting 101

I've been working really hard on my paper the last couple weeks. With the approach of the Scrapbook Expo on March 21st and the general end of my freeze, I'm looking forward to buying new things. But I can't do that in good conscience without using up paper I already have. So I took a hard look at my paper and this is what I saw.
I had very few kits, but a TON of paper that I needed to use up. I weeded out the themed stuff, which is allowed to stay. I have a few Autumn collections, a Valentine's one, an Asian themed one, that kind of thing. This is the paper that doesn't have a theme and either needs to go or needs sorting out. Since I started making the "Use it Up" series of videos kind people have been asking me how I make my Stash Kits. So I took this paper that needed to be used up I made this video:

I had all this paper spread out on my desk for a few hours, sorted it all into kits, and this is what I ended with.
So now I have a bunch of Stash Kits, and then on the other side of the glass mat I have collections that I just bought (Webster's Pages "Nest", etc) or papers that are just neutral backgrounds like Simple Stories'  "Story of Us" plain patterns. And I'm down to only 8 little paper collections that can be used together still. They're older, but they are still "good" as they are to me and I'm not in a desperate need to use them up and get them out.

So this is my meager paper stash now. I'm optimistic about how much I can use up within the next month before the Expo and I'll try to make more Use it Up videos as much as I can!

23 February, 2015

Use It Up Scrapbook Kit #2

Hello, everyone! I'm here today with another Use it Up video, this time combining two Stash Kits, the Jackpot and Summer Nights kits. They both had similar papers, so I figured they needed to be combined and used up. I've been working with this kit for the last few days and I can tell you I've made a severe dent in it! In this video you can check out the kit and my thoughts and when I finish it off I'll share with you all the projects I've made. I hope you enjoy!

21 February, 2015

Use It Up Scrapbook Kit #1 Results!

Hi, everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you the second video in my Use It Up series, the results! I finished off this kit and made 4 layouts, 1 PL layout, 3 cards, and 9 pre-made embellishments. That's a bunch, right?! I'm super happy with how this came out. You can watch the video an see me explain my process and I also have photos of the layouts I did here for you. Thank you for watching! And don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more. I've already got the next video filmed and waiting to go up, so super excited!

18 February, 2015

Use It Up Scrapbook Kit #1

Hi, y'all! I have been going through a bit of a "thing" with my supplies. I filmed a video for you of my space a bit ago and in doing that I showed that I have two Expedit cubes *full* of paper. Not only is this not my usual MO, it's kinda stifling me. I've done all the purging I want to do in years past, so that's not an option. The only thing is going back to something I used to do a lot, which is a "use it up" secession. I explain it in the video, but this here is the first of a series I'm going to start. I have 11 kits made up, but I also just have paper collections that need using up. I hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired too!

17 February, 2015

Card: Like A Sir

Hello, everyone. Today I have a little critter friend for you. I really love the critters from this company. They are just so cute and so expressive too which is great. This guy has so much character and I decided to make him with some interesting colour combos. I haven't used the V20s in so long. I also used my colourless blender to give him some texture on his "head" and tentacles. I kept the embellishing simple, as I seem to be leaning towards this year, and it looked kinda plain until I thought "what about calculated splatters?" So I used some of my Dylusions spray and just tapped the little straw onto the page to make this. I hope you like it! He needs a new home too, so if you'd like this card please let me know in the comments!

Supply List
Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl, Lawn Fawn (sentiment)
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper: Webster's Pages, Pink Paislee
WRMK washi
Enamel Dots
Dylusions spray ink
Copics Used
BG18/15/13, V28/25/22, W8/5/2

13 February, 2015

Card Explosion #3: Valentine's Dachshund

Happy Valentine's, dear readers. While Mike and I don't celebrate this holiday I thought that you guys deserved a little present and all I have to give is pretty things to look at, lol! So here I have a process video for you and then just a regular picture of my card that I've made using the red dachshund from my last colouring video. I hope you enjoy it and that you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

And here's a proper look at the final project. Very simple, but sometimes I enjoy those cards the most.

Supply List
Clear Stamp: Some Odd Girl "Preppy Pups"
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper: Pebbles, Gossamer Blue
Fancy Pants die cut
Enamel dots
Copics Used
Fur: E09/07/13/97

Card: Teal Mermaid

Hi all! I woke up with the urge to colour something from my "faeries and myths" section of stamps and so I took out this mermaid from a set that I'd bought some time in 2014. I coloured the other two mermaids from the stamp, so it was this gal's turn. My medication was playing haywire with my ability to colour, so it's not my best work (especially the hair), but I think she came out okay. Someone on my message board was talking about using photorealistic paper so I immediately thought about these papers from Webster's Pages. The bokeh doesn't really count, but the starfish was pretty cool. Anyway, I hope you like it. It was fun to colour up a mermaid again. I totally have a love affair with mermaids. But now, she needs a new home. So if you'd like her, drop me a comment and I'll pop this gal into an envelope for you. 

Supply List
Rubber Stamp: Kraftin' Kimmie "Sea Jewels"
Cardstock: XPress-It, Recollections
Paper:  Webster's Pages "Ocean Melody"
Copics Used
Skin: E04/11/21/51/50
Hair: E19, R39/27
Tail: BG00/07/05/01

10 February, 2015

Card Explosion #2: Rainbow Dachshund Card

Today, on my 12th wedding anniversary, I have a present for *you* with a quick little card making process video. Since I coloured up two little Dachshunds for the last colouring video I made I had to make them into cards. This is the first one up. I tried out the whole thing where you fast forward and play a bit of music, so I hope it's all right. It made it super short, but I honestly could not think of any babble for this card. It's clean and simple so not a whole lot to explain.

And here's the card itself, close up, so you can see it. I hope you like it, and the video, and have a great day!

07 February, 2015

Colour Explosion #2: Colouring Tutorial - Dachshund

Today I decided to make another live colouring video, this time a red Dachshund for my friend Angie who has a swarm of the pups and wanted to know how to colour this stamp. I'm not a teacher, nor an expert, so this is just how *I* colour, but I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to my channel for more videos and if you have any requests don't hesitate to leave me a comment here or on my channel and I'll see if I can do it for you. :)

06 February, 2015

Scrapbook Layouts: The Last Goodbye

I have a new layout for you today, chronicling our marathon of the Hobbit movies leading up to the finale, The Battle of the Five Armies. We had an *awesome* time, truly awesome, but it was very sad too. Tolkien's world, and Peter Jackson's movies based on it, really bonded Mike and I. They're the first movies that neither one of us had to be drug to by the other. Not a kid's movie, not a "boy" action movie, but something we both really enjoyed and could watch over and over. Mike never had to be talked into seeing it once, or twice, or 10 times like with LotR: The Two Towers. And now it's over. Billy Boyd singing goodbye to us at the end of the movie, knowing this was truly the end, it was heartbreaking. Anyway, as for the layout, the journalling says basically that, and I kept the paper to three natural colours to reflect the abundance of nature in the movies. I then used my favourite line from Billy's song as the sub title, included one of our tickets, and called it done.

04 February, 2015

Art Journal: Victory or Sovngarde!

Hello, all! Today I have something I'm actually really proud of. You know those moments where you get an idea, you sit down, work and work and work, and it actually comes out the way you wanted? Or sometimes even *better*? That's what this project is. I woke up early on Tuesday because I had a migraine, and maybe that helped, but I was quickly struck with an idea I wanted to do in my art journal. I had the idea for a silhouette and one of the slogans from Skryim, sort of a heroic type thing. I looked up references from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (if you're unfamiliar, here's a quick overview: "Skyrim's main story revolves around the player character's efforts to defeat Alduin the world-eater, a Dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. Set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, the game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Skyrim continues the open-world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.")

I found reference photos, drew out the silhouette, glued it down with gel medium, and then brought out my sprays. It took most of the day to get the background the way I like it. If you want to see more about that, you can check out my video. It's done on canvas, but it's basically the same idea. I sat and surfed the internet and sprayed and spritzed the whole thing with water over and over and over again and finally decided it was time for stars. Thousands and thousands of stars! I then covered the silhouette in black paint, then the Pitt Pen because my paint wasn't dark enough. I then cut my words out with my Cameo, glued them down with gel medium, and it was done! I hope you like it, even if you don't get the game reference!

This is the reference photos I used. Photographed by an Imgr user whose name I cannot find. I've taken thousands of photos myself before, but can't find them and don't have a character currently that has done the main story quest for this game.
Dylusions art journal
Faber Castell Gel Medium
Faber Castell Pitt Pens
Silhouette Cameo
Dylusions Ink sprays
Acrylic white paint

02 February, 2015

Studio Monday: Craft Space Tour 2015!

My newest video is up! I'm excited! Look how many exclamation points I can use!!!! I did my best filming this for you guys, making it look okay (if a bit blurry at times) and showing every bit of my space so you get an idea of what I have here to play with. I hope you enjoy it!