24 February, 2015

Stash Kitting 101

I've been working really hard on my paper the last couple weeks. With the approach of the Scrapbook Expo on March 21st and the general end of my freeze, I'm looking forward to buying new things. But I can't do that in good conscience without using up paper I already have. So I took a hard look at my paper and this is what I saw.
I had very few kits, but a TON of paper that I needed to use up. I weeded out the themed stuff, which is allowed to stay. I have a few Autumn collections, a Valentine's one, an Asian themed one, that kind of thing. This is the paper that doesn't have a theme and either needs to go or needs sorting out. Since I started making the "Use it Up" series of videos kind people have been asking me how I make my Stash Kits. So I took this paper that needed to be used up I made this video:

I had all this paper spread out on my desk for a few hours, sorted it all into kits, and this is what I ended with.
So now I have a bunch of Stash Kits, and then on the other side of the glass mat I have collections that I just bought (Webster's Pages "Nest", etc) or papers that are just neutral backgrounds like Simple Stories'  "Story of Us" plain patterns. And I'm down to only 8 little paper collections that can be used together still. They're older, but they are still "good" as they are to me and I'm not in a desperate need to use them up and get them out.

So this is my meager paper stash now. I'm optimistic about how much I can use up within the next month before the Expo and I'll try to make more Use it Up videos as much as I can!

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